Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

101 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 100 reConVision is an award-winning creative studio space based in central London, with an in-house capability to deliver high quality construction logistics, planning and phasing visualisations to aid in project and development planning. The studio makes a very positive contribution to clients and their bid-winning process. With a highly experienced team, the firm has helped clients win bids that totalled approximately £5.3 billion over the past eight years within London, and across the United Kingdom. The aim of the company is the production of compelling 3D visuals, imagery, and animations that clearly visualise the construction methodology and sequence, from inception to completion. PreConVision offer numerous packages to clients and bespoke services such as the Construction Package. Equipped with seven individual phases regarding the life cycle of a typical phased construction project, this package will help eliminate uncertain hazardous risks and increase cost- effectiveness through smarter thinking and forward planning, all before commencement on-site. This virtual construction company deliver visualisation services efficiently, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and the best possible quality of service for their clients. The firm pride themselves on working with the biggest property developers, housebuilders and designers in London and across the globe. PreConVision are proudly part of RICS Technology Affiliate Program (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). PreConVision’s potential is demonstrated well in their work with Westhorpe Gardens and Mill Grove, Hendon, London. This 7-minute 3D & 4D animation illustrated the demolition of existing buildings on a project site and the construction of 251 new homes split across two phases. The team had to quite flexible, revising the planning programme strategy at the last minute to include a revised ‘Tender Two’ construction delivery. P ‑ This large change was delivered as an animation bolt-on, to deadline and helped to secure a bid involving £64,000,000. The team’s determination to deliver the best results secured a lot of revenue for this impressive residential regeneration project. This project will now commence on site in Autumn 2020. Communication is key between all parties involved in any project, and PreConVision understand the importance of liaising with architects and structural engineers to understand a design fully. As well as establishing a close relationship with the client, the firm employ over fifteen years’ worth of experience to ensure that they are available at all times of the day or night to address client needs. This gives both parties peace of mind. Major developments in the virtual construction industry have allowed for new features that help bring a project to life. This includes the incorporation of real-time, fully interactive and live 3D experiences and can be achieved and experienced fully through developed virtual reality technology simulations, using augmented and mixed reality technology. Clients can move around developed spaces to truly get a sense for what a space might look and feel like. What makes PreConVision a remarkable success across London and the wider world is their ability to create innovative multi-dimensional designs that allow clients to envision their project before completion. Utilising the latest technology that allows the company to present immersive spaces that the clients can experience, PreConVision stands once again at the forefront of working with construction firms across the globe. Company: PreConVision Limited Contact: Christopher Breiner Web Address: Email: [email protected] London Office Tel: +44 (0) 20 3745 6995 Best Hardware Supplier - West Midlands ased in Brierley Hill, on the outskirts of Birmingham, the team at UPVC Store have made a name for themselves as the premier provider of necessary hardware for the regular consumer and the trade alike. The team are one of only a few Window & Door Hardware Stockists in the country, specialising in this field specifically. The team stock over 1000 products covering the entire UPVC window and door sector. This specialisation allows the team a unique knowledge of the field, with the ability to ensure that their business stocks precisely what is needed for the customer. As an independent supplier, UPVC Store is able to supply household names ranging from Avocet to Yale. Stocking everything from drill bits to dry verge, solvents to saw blades the team certainly have something to cover all manner of UPVC repairs. What sets the business apart is that they don’t have to backorder items, causing long delays in repairs. The team always have what you need on hand. The business has earned a reputation for stocking precisely what is needed for home improvement, offering many ways to find out what is in stock, and what can be found to suit the customer’s needs. This has taken the form of exceptional customer service. The team have made sure that they are incredibly accessible through telephone, email and an online chatbox. As the business continues to thrive, we’re sure to hear more from this incredibly capable supplier. They have made their name not only in providing exceptional service, but in having what is required on hand for easy access. This is only possible thanks to the team’s commitment to providing the ultimate home for people wanting to find the hardware that they need when they need it. Company: UPVC Store Contact: Jack Malpass Web Address: Email: [email protected] B When it comes to home improvement, it pays to find a supplier who can not only stock a variety of hardware from a host of different manufacturers, but knows each brand in depth, and their positives and negatives intimately. We take a look at UPVC Store, a team of hardware professionals whose skill and ability has allowed them to achieve incredible levels of success in the industry. Aug20298 A vision of the future is always appealing, and for those developing new properties and environments, PreConVision Limited offer that vision. Creating high quality virtual visualisations of upcoming construction projects, this London-based firm add value to their clients and aid their bid-winning processes. Following success in last year’s Construction and Engineering Awards, we look more closely to see how this creative studio is one of the best virtual engineering and construction design firms in England. Best Virtual Engineering & Construction Design Firm – London Best Residential Regeneration Project (London): Westhorpe Gardens & Mill Grove