Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 6 Apr22683 llendDesign has acquired a reputation working in residential properties and commercial branded environments, which in their majority have received international distinctions, including the Gold International A’ Design Award for the Agora Floreasca Urban Theory Leisure Mall in Bucharest, and Europe’s Best Leisure Interior for Rook Cafe Delicatessen, a food and beverage space that was developed in a site of archaeological interest and roots in Greece. Co-Founder and Design & Research Director, Helen Brasinika comments, “We feel blessed and very proud that our work has received wide and international recognition, bearing the credentials of very prestigious and established international design competitions.” From the very beginning, BllendDesign has embraced an understanding of the enormous impact a building and its surrounding environment can have on life and wellbeing. Every project it undertakes therefore starts from the axiom of ‘people first’, and by incorporating research-informed data, the team aims to bring or realign the balance of all the elements that constitute the surrounding environment. Helen Brasinika was born in Greece, but lived abroad for many years, from which she gained an insight into the multi-cultural and educational backgrounds of different continents and infused them into her approach towards design and lifestyle in general. This includes the far east and its holistic approach to every organism, playing a vital role in treating the natural and man-made environment from an organic perspective. Helen and the team choose to apply this approach in every phase of the design process, allowing elements from various disciplines to be incorporated in order to achieve the client’s visions and goals without compromising on the company’s social mission. The focus of BllendDesign gradually developed from small scale residential and office projects in Attiki and Athens, to getting commissioned for upper scale and demanding projects that require expertise and know-how in the healthcare, hospitality, and commercial sectors all over Greece. During the past eight years, it has expanded abroad by getting involved in the design, research, execution, and project management BllendDesign is a multidisciplinary design and research office developing unique identities in the fields of architecture, landscape, interiors, furniture, and lighting design. In light of the firm’s extraordinary awards success, we take a closer look. B for very demanding commercial and residential projects in Bulgaria, Bucharest, and Emirates. Speaking of this journey, Helen says, “It is a transforming and sometimes painful evolution that demands diligence, focus, daily education to remain knowledgeable, efficiency, and effectiveness in a rapidly evolving and competitive sector. “When I say painful, I mean that you constantly have to try to find balances, realign, negotiate, and keep a healthy distance in order to give the best at work, and focus on family as well. Travel and cultural immersion is my way of recharging inspiration ‘powerbacks’.” Every time the team begins a new project, it sparks inspiration and a determination to work hard in order to deliver an architecture project that is always better than the last. Helen states, “We work hard in order to give our best design concept and essence, and we love every project we have designed so far, no matter how big or small.” BllendDesign is currently involved in projects within urban regeneration and residential design in Greece and Bucharest, as well as hospitality design and wellness. The focus, as always, is on sustainability, adaptive re-use, and energy efficiency, innovation, and resilience. All projects follow a people-first initiative, implementing experiential data, material, and technology innovation, while balancing the relationship with Best Multidisciplinary Design & Research Office - Athens