Security in your home is key. You don’t want your hard-earned household items to get stolen within the blink of an eye. You also want to ensure the safety of your family and friends in your home. Safety in your home starts right from the door. Therefore, you must invest in the right door accessories to ensure security.

One of the accessories that contribute to your security is the door lock. A door lock is a system you add to your door to limit access to a space. There are many door lock options you can choose from for your home which might make the choice challenging.

But how will you know the best door lock for your home? What features will you look at? Worry not; this article gives a guide to help you choose the best door lock. Read on!

It’d help to:

Understand The Types Of Door Locks

Door locks vary in terms of functionality and design. It’s important to know and understand the specific types in the market to know the ideal one for your needs. You can’t purchase an item you have no idea about. Some common types are knob door locks, hand levers, and electronic ones.

The knob door lock has a twist system to open the door while you require to pull down a lever for the hand-lever door lock. Both of these systems have a key system. The electronic door lock doesn’t require a key to gain access. You can use a card or keypad to gain access. However, some electronic locks have a different key system for backup. 

Under each of these three, there are several other types. Consider using the internet to broaden your knowledge of the different types. Alternatively, your chosen vendor can help break down the different types as you make your purchase. Use the internet and find helpful sites such as to find a suitable locksmith to assist you with the entire process.

Once you have most, if not all, of the information on door locks, you can proceed to choose your ideal one.

Factor In Cost

Cost is one of the crucial determining factors when making a purchase, in this case, buying a door lock. Even though you want the best door lock, you don’t want to spend a fortune on one.

When choosing the best door lock for your home, it’s best to work with a budget. Otherwise, the process will be lengthy, confusing, and frustrating. The budget should depict how much you’re willing and able to spend on a door lock. Such a limit will narrow down your choice. As you work with a budget, it’s best to stick to it and get the best door lock for your budget.

When buying a door lock, you’ll realize vendors will sell a similar door lock at different prices. Therefore, it’d help to compare prices across various vendors and settle for the most affordable one. By doing so, you’ll get the best deal for your ideal door lock.

Consider Functionality

Your home has different doors, each serving different functions. You’ll have two main doors for entering or exiting your home and internal doors leading to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other spaces in your home.

Since door locks aim to avail security, you want to determine the level of security you require in each room. You don’t want to buy an expensive door lock for your kitchen pantry; it’ll be a waste of your resources.

Your choice of door lock should depend on the different grades of door locks. Door locks are graded from one to three. A grade 1 door lock offers the highest level of security and is ideal for your home entry doors. It’d also be ideal in an area where you store valuables in your home. These locks are difficult to buckle under pressure. Therefore, a burglar can’t easily tamper with it to gain unauthorized access to your home.

A grade 2 door look has moderate, but still high, security level. You can adopt this lock for your bedroom and bathrooms. Lastly, the grade 3 door lock has the least security level and is best for doors where security and privacy aren’t that paramount. These rooms could be your kitchen, gym, garage, etc.

Besides the security you require in a space, it’s important to consider the traffic in the space. Suppose you’re a large household and most of your family members prefer staying in the living room. In this case, investing in a grade 1 door lock for your living room door is best. It’ll withstand all the constant opening and closing. Adopt the same lock for your bathroom doors.


Finding the best door lock for your home is easy as long as you have appropriate guidance. The discussion above provides such a guide. Therefore, it’s best to implement the guide, and you’ll have an easy but fulfilling journey.