Your house value may be increased or decreased due to the exterior décor you have. It is the case mainly because this is what people see first. When you don’t maintain the house, it will lose some of its value on the outside. 

When you want to put your house on the market, you need to maintain all the house parts. There are some ideas you can use to preserve the value of the home and add value. Here’s how you can keep the exterior of your house protected and add value to the property. 


Add Lighting

The first thing you want to do to the house is to add lighting. You may have been fooled that only the interior should get proper lighting when you’re looking to sell, but the exterior too should be well-lit. Lights tend to improve the whole sight, and customers will fall in love. 

Thinking that the lights are only visible at night can be your main undoing. It would help if you looked at it broadly as people who’ll want to see the house at night. And good lighting will only increase the ambiance of the home. 

It would help if you had a wider variety of lighting options to make the property appealing. By simply adding soffit lights to the house can highlight the incredible architecture. You can also add ground lights to high bushes to help give that welcome glow to the home. 


Improve Your Roof Shingles

One of the most expensive undertakings that you need to look at when it comes to giving the house a new look is the roofing. And it would help if you took your time before you make any commitment here. Research all you can about this upgrade and ensure you’re well within the proper parameters. 

There were some shingles in the patterns that were relatively flat – asphalt shingles. Today though, there are plenty of other options that you can choose from with different textures and shapes. This makes them look thicker and richer in insight. 

You also need to look at the color of your home when you want to choose a roof. For example, when you have a colored house, you may need a darker top. Gone are the days when people would avoid darker roofs for heat reasons. 

A darker roof, the more value you’re likely to get out of the house instead of the light-tone colors. You can get designs at Equity Roofing in Harrisburg & Central PA for your roofing options. You may want to avoid the light-tone ones as they show discoloration. 


Extend the Flower Garden

Nature has a way of making people happy and beautifying a space. And that’s why you may need to extend your flower garden. Your garden will be at the front; anyone who comes will enjoy the feel of the house from outside. 

Another reason why you need to extend the garden is that it makes the house look more prominent. The flowers need to be the same color as the house to look more significant, though. Mostly, though, it’s all to beautify the welcoming area. 


Garage Door Dilemma

When you have a garage at the front of the house, the house is already a seller with great value to it. Now, the garage door is the one you may need to worry about a bit. You need first to ensure that the garage is painted to blend with the house’s color – use neutral color here. 

Now, you need to emphasize the garage door as improving it will add value to space. It would help if you considered adding more detail to the doors as it makes for a better house design. Stop being too flat with the garage door design if you’re to add value to the property. 


Paint it Black

Your mind may be playing tricks on you as you assume that colored houses are likely to attract more people – they don’t. At least not anymore. When you have light colors on your home, the house is considered less sturdy than black. 

If you don’t like the house to look dark, you may want to consider adding black to the front and ground. It will make the house look more balanced than straight-up light colors as it may look desperate. 

You can add more value to your house when you implement some of these ideas in your home. Each of the ideas also ensures that your property is kept protected too.