If you have an elderly loved one that lives with you, or you care for somebody that is disabled, then a medical alert system is a fantastic investment. Medical alert systems can be worn around a vulnerable person’s neck or attached to the wall. If they trip, fall, or hurt themselves, they can press the alert system’s button, and the emergency services will immediately be called. Additionally, these systems come with speakerphones attached to them, so your loved one can talk to an emergency responder and explain exactly what the problem is. These devices can also be used to put your loved one in touch with their physician.

This article will explore medical alert systems a little deeper, explaining how they work, and why you need one for your home:


How Do Medical Alert Systems Work?

There are different types of medical alert systems. The features that you get depend upon the model that you have purchased. Some models include voice, wireless data, and GPS technology, which facilitate real-time monitoring. Verizon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical alert systems. Their devices contain all of these features. This article will be looking at medical alert systems in a more generalized way, not focusing on one specific company. If you do want to learn the pros and cons of different Verizon medical alert systems, then there are guides available online. Verizon’s alert systems are very popular, for good reason.

Moving back to how alert systems work, all alert systems have a help button. The button, when pressed, sends an alert to a dedicated 24-hour call center. Alert systems (unless they are extremely antiquated models) all have speakers, where the patient can communicate with a call center representative. The call center representative will have access to the patient’s full medical history and emergency contacts.

The button is either wall-mounted or worn around one’s neck in a pendant. Pendant models are much more useful because they allow patients to access help wherever they are, regardless of if they are at home or out. One cannot predict when a vulnerable or elderly person is going to hurt themselves. They are primarily designed for home use, however. They typically come in handy after slips, falls, and trips. Some medical alert systems have emergency fall buttons, that activate as soon as they predict a fall or trip.

Once the patient has activated their medical alert system, an ambulance, family member, or friend is called, depending on the patient’s needs. If the button is activated and the patient does not respond, then more often than not the emergency services will be called.


Who Benefits from Medical Alert Systems?

Anybody that is vulnerable or unable to look after themselves can benefit from the use of a medical alert system. Typically, they are used by the elderly, disabled, or vulnerable. They can be used by people that live at home or live independently. More often than not they are used by people that live independently because people that live at home can still be monitored. If you suspect that your loved one is in danger from living alone, then a medical alert system is an effective investment.


What Are the Benefits of Medical Alert Systems?

  • Help is the primary benefit of medical alert systems. A vulnerable person doesn’t have to lie on the floor for hours waiting for help after a serious fall, they can get it instantly. Medical alert systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because the patient’s full medical history is available on the call center representative’s screen, the patient can receive the help that they need according to their situation and conditions.
  • Ease of use is another benefit. Medical alert systems are extremely simple to use. This means that even if your loved one has some kind of disability that restricts the way that they socialize and live their lives, they will still be able to familiarise themselves with medical alert systems and use them to get help. With instant fall buttons, they are even better; your loved one doesn’t even need to press their pendant’s button to get help if they trip or fall.
  • Peace of mind among family members (and even the patient) is another main benefit. Family members no longer need to worry about their loved ones injuring themselves, they can relax knowing that they are safe and if anything does happen, they will be contacted immediately.


Medical alert systems are a great investment for your home. They ensure that your loved ones won’t ever be abandoned or left alone if they injure themselves. They can get help immediately. If you have disabled or elderly people living with you, then a medical alert system is a must-have investment.