Posted on 5th September 2023

How Appropriate Waste Management Can Benefit Your Business

Business Waste Management

Data from the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs shows that in 2022 there were 33.8 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste produced.

No matter your company, waste is produced in some form and finding ways of managing your waste is crucial for the benefit of your business.


Reducing costs

One benefit of establishing an appropriate waste management process in your business is that it can help reduce your costs. Whether it is paying landfill tax or needing daily removals, affording waste can be excessive.

But a waste management system can help you reduce the overall mass of your waste, letting you pay less for your costs. This can include recycling and reusing old office equipment and even composting food waste in the office – each help reduce the bulk of weight of the mass you produce.

Part of an appropriate waste management system involves using your products, packaging, and raw materials in the most efficient way possible. By analysing the waste your company produces, you can discover areas of improvement – such as finding alternative uses or discounted selling point for wasted stock.


Avoid hazards

Costs such as lawsuits can be just as harmful for your business – both financially and for your reputation.

So whether you’re a large scale manufacturer, or an SME filling no more than a household-size 240L wheelie bin every day, keeping your waste disposal areas clear is important for the health and safety of your workers.

Reducing your waste, or having regular removals planned in, can ensure that your bins, skips, and other waste storage isn’t overflowing.

Untidy waste storage areas can lead to hazards such as a risk of slips and trips, waste falling or even toxic waste – posing a threat to your workers. This is particularly important if your business works with harsh and hazardous chemicals, for example. A badly-kept waste storage area could lead to environmental concerns such as vermin and flies, or creating nasty smells.

A waste management system can ensure that your waste storage is safe, clear, clean and easily accessible.


Meet environmental standards

Another benefit of having your waste managed is to help your company reach your local environmental standards.

Implementing an environmental management system can help you achieve your environmental goals. This helps provide a framework for your business’ waste management decisions such as which areas of the business produce the most waste and how you can reduce this.


Boost company reputation

Having a good handle on you waste situation doesn’t only suggest your business as a safe and healthy place to work but it also boosts your company’s reputation as environmentally friendly.

Not only will you reach your company’s environmental requirements, but you can even use this to benefit your sustainability efforts.

If your company is looking to become thought-leaders in the sustainability space, then managing your waste is a key component. Being able to recycle or reuse your products, as well as finding uses for old work-place equipment, can save your company from opting for landfills regularly.

By implementing appropriate waste management, you can establish goals for your company moving forward in your sustainability measures – such as reduce your carbon footprint by 30% in the next two years.

You can then measure this accurately, avoiding greenwashing claims if you plan to announce your company as environmentally friendly.


Educate staff

Waste management can also have an impact on the culture of your company. By improving your waste management, you not only reduce overall costs and so make it more affordable to hire more staff or increase wages, but it also furthers the morale of the company.

Being an environmentally friendly or sustainable company can be a place of pride for many of your staff members, especially if they aim to be eco-friendly in their personal lives.

It can also help educate your staff on environmental processes, both inside the business and out, helping to promote sustainability across all walks of life.


Finding ways of managing your waste as a business doesn’t only benefit the company but it is also good for the individual members of staff on your team. Whether your aim is to improve the sustainability of the business or to improve the working environment, finding new ways of improving your waste output is key.