If you’re looking to sell your home in the current climate of COVID-19, Brexit and Christmas you’ll need a special edge. Jonathan Rolande, Director of property buying company House Buy Fast has quite a few free actionable tips to increase your house value and give you that competitive edge in the sellers’ market.

Jonathan says “With these easy to apply tips and tricks I’m sure you’ll be reaping the rewards when you decide to sell”.

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House Presentation

It’s important that your property looks good when you’re trying to sell your house fast as first impressions are everything, but surprisingly, a lot of people seem to neglect making their property attractive to potential home buyers.

  • Trim the front garden. Overgrown grass can look very unsightly when left for a long time. A quick once over can make it look smart and neat.
  • Clean your windows. If your windows are caked in dirt it can make the property seem neglected. The upside is that it’ll also make the inside brighter too!
  • Leave the outside light on. As it gets darker in the winter months leave your light on so passer-by’s can see the property. It’s also more inviting.
  • Much like the garden grass make sure you cut back overhanging trees and overgrown bushes. These can block light and make the property feel dingy.


Staging the Property

This should be a given but a surprising amount of people don’t stage their property when selling!

  • Tidy up. Again, this should be a given but many people don’t do it and it puts off potential buyers!
  • Jazz up the dinner table. Lay out your best plates and cutlery so buyers can visualise themselves entertaining in your home.
  • New towels in the bathroom. Make sure they’re clean and presentable.
  • Turn on the lamps. Simple, can make your home feel cosier.
  • Make your property smell good. Nobody likes cigarette or wet dog smell. Scented candles can help or a freshly brewed pot of coffee.
  • Control the heating. Make sure you don’t make the experience unbearable by making the property too hot or too cold.
  • De-clutter. Always one of the main suggestions, an empty space allows buyers to visualise themselves in your home.


The House Interior

Make sure the property interior is touched up. A run down interior can cause house buyers to run away!

  • Paint obnoxious bright coloured walls. A more neutral colour would be the paint of choice. Also don’t forget to touch-up faded and dirty walls.
  • Replace old and peeling wallpaper. This should be self-explanatory, nobody likes a run-down interior.
  • Rid yourself of damp and mould spots. Despite being absolutely terrible for your health, it’s also very hard to get rid of if not treated ASAP. You can’t paint over damp so it may be time to bring in a specialist.
  • Replace damaged and worn carpets. Replacing carpets can give a room an instant lift. Not a quick job but one to bear in mind in the future.

What Home Improvements Can You Make?

If you feel like spending a bit of money on your home before selling (this can potentially increase your sale price as well!), home improvements can help. Normally you would focus on the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Replace kitchen worktops. A simple fix to making your kitchen look new.
  • A fresh lick of paint for cupboards. Can stop the kitchen from looking dated. While you’re at it make sure you tighten up any loose cabinet doors.
  • Replace chipped tiles. If you have any spare tiles laying around in the storage, put them to good use and removed damaged tiles.

The Bathroom;

  • Paint it white. Many interior designers suggest painting bathrooms white due to making the room feel bigger and brighter.
  • Most people prefer a bath and a shower. Something to keep in mind if you’re selling.


  • Rendering the brickwork. Rendering can make the outside of a property look fresh and appealing to passer-by’s.


Marketing the Property

Your property may be in immaculate condition but if not marketed correctly, you will never sell.

  • Don’t choose your estate agent on the fee you have to pay. Many people choose estate agents on how little they have to pay them. Instead, take a look at the marketing they offer and where they’ll promote your property. Have they had much success previously selling in your area/street?

Some people even decide to sell their property on their own.

  • Why not post your property on Gumtree for a bit of free advertising and marketing? Anything that increases potential buyer reach is a good thing!
  • Social media is powerful. Share your property on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You never know, someone could be searching for a property exactly like yours!

Here is the full list of 57 tips to sell your house fast you can action. Taking these steps will hopefully ensure that your house sells in the quickest time possible and with the least amount of hassle possible!