COVID has changed the way we all live, and for most people that involves spending extra time at home. From the way we build homes and interact with clients to make it happen to the contents of the homes themselves, many of the steps along the way are subject to change in this new reality. Building spaces for people to relax and feel truly at home will never change, but the world of COVID has brought a few considerations for the best practices in getting there. 


1. Work From Home Spaces

Even if your clients are back at work in their traditional office or workspace, COVID has awakened many people to the importance of a workspace within the home. This could mean you’re about to find yourself converting a lot of spare bedrooms and dining rooms, while it could also mean that you’re fitting home offices in houses for people that never considered a need for them before. 

There are so many creative locations for workspaces for those trying to squeeze them in. From using a cozy corner of the living room to tucking a desk beneath shelving, offering a home office might be the new essential.


2. More Planning

In the era of social distancing, things naturally move slower. This means that knowing the supplies, materials, timeline and details of the process accurately will be even more important than ever before when planning for home design projects. Making sure the supplies you need are available and that nothing in the production process has slowed down could make or break your build, no matter what project you find yourself doing.

Evaluate your space and seriously consider your needs and steps. This way, you keep your mission moving efficiently and your clients much more satisfied. 


3. DIY Attitude

People are bored at home with more time on their hands. Naturally, this can mean that people are taking home design projects into their own hands. This can actually be a great step in the process of working with a professional. By embarking on smaller projects and getting the ball rolling, clients can get a better view of what they really want in their space that you can help them accomplish.

While any average person can throw a fresh color on the walls to liven up a space, embarking on a full kitchen remodel could be a bit out of reach — but that’s alright! You may find that people are doing more of their own home improvement projects than usual, and that may shift some of your traditional workload.


4. Private Outdoor Spaces

Getting outside has been a saving grace for many during the pandemic, so prioritizing a sustainable place to relax and hang out for hours in the fresh air and sunshine could be the next big thing on your radar. Including nature in home design can be calming and serene, which is exactly what people need a bit more of. Whether people want a simple patio or a full sun room, bringing the nature in can make any home happier and more well-rounded.

COVID has changed a lot of things, and home design is one of them. No matter what you see in your jobs going forward, you’ll find new ways to help people enjoy their homes, especially since home is the place people are beginning to spend even more of their days.