Posted on 18th April 2016

FARO Announces New HDR Laser Scanners and Software for BIM-CIM

FARO Announces New HDR Laser Scanners and Software for BIM-CIM

FARO Technologies, Inc., the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technology in the BIM-CIM and Public Safety markets, has announced the release of new 3D laser scanners with high dynamic range photography (HDR) that produce incredibly detailed images in bright and dark lighting conditions as well as increased resolution for superior colour depth.

Also launching is a major release, version 6, of FARO’s well-known point cloud software, SCENE, which now provides instant rendering of scan data and simplified workflows.

Historically, 3D laser scanning of scenes with large brightness contrast differences has been a challenge. The new Focus3D X 130/330 HDR models provide the solution to this challenge with performance that is comparable to the human eye. While typical digital images cover a contrast range of 255-to-1, the new FARO laser scanners capture brightness ranges of up to 4 billion-to-1. Together with its extended colour resolution of up to 170 megapixels per scan, the new Focus3D models ensure the smallest details are captured with superior clarity. To unleash the capabilities of the FARO Focus3D HDR scanners, a new version of the popular FARO SCENE Software is now available.

FARO SCENE Version 6.0 includes an incredible level of visualization due to a new solid-surface rendering technology that eliminates the need for further data processing in visualization applications. In addition, BIM-CIM customers using laser scanners for as-built documentation and Public Safety customers in crash, crime and fire investigations will benefit from a simplified interface that uses workflow-driven tools. Standard project workflows can be fully automated and when manual interaction is needed, the software provides support and guidance to ensure efficient and reproducible project results, all while keeping training efforts to a minimum. FARO SCENE 6.0 fully supports the new imaging capabilities of FARO’s latest laser scanners, as well as all previous models.

“With the two new Focus3D HDR models, FARO confirms its position as the innovation leader in documenting real-life scenes with easy-to-use 3D laser scanners,” stated Dr. Simon Raab, FARO’s President and CEO. “In addition, the new SCENE 6.0 software extends this leadership into our customers’ offices by providing the best usability and productivity paired with unmatched visualization quality and performance. With these two product releases, we address the need of our BIM-CIM and Public Safety customers to efficiently capture and process all important on-site data.”

Both products, the new HDR family of laser scanners and SCENE 6.0, are available for immediate order and shipment.