Posted on 5th April 2023

Exterior Painting – What are the Most Common Problems?

Exterior painting is an investment that is supposed to protect the surface against insects, moisture and normal wear-and-tear. If you do the painting project by yourself, you may experience many problems that will spoil the effect of your work. Here are the most common painting problems with possible causes explained.

Paint cracking

Paint cracking look like small cracks that get bigger and bigger until the time they eventually flake off. Cracking is possible both on one or more layers of paint and it is mainly caused by poor surface preparation, humidity or low quality of paint products. You should know that cheaper paints lack flexibility and crack due to weather conditions. Another reason for cracking might be too thin paint layer, improperly prepared surfaces or painting without primer.

If you feel like the task is too challenging, hire certified painter and decorator in London. The specialist has got necessary tools, and with many years of practise he or she can complete the painting project in no time.

Paint fading

The truth is, all paints fade over time. It is a slow process, mostly noticeable with dark colours. The main cause is exposure to the sunlight. When the sunbeams shine onto the painted surface, the paint loses its pigment that is directly responsible for the colour. Other cause might be the use of interior paint onto the exterior surface. Such products are not intended for the outside. What is more, if you want to save some money, it simply will not work, as low-quality paints usually lose its colour faster.


Do you notice a dust or a fine powder while touching the exterior surface of your house? That is chalking and occurs when the paint releases its pigment. It is mainly caused by a long-term exposure to the sunlight, as well as other weather conditions that result in moisture. Chalking also occurs when you put too thin layer of paint or use low quality product. In order to prevent chalking, it is advised to finish the exterior with a high quality acrylic paint. Does it sound like too much work? Again, decide to hire professional painter and decorator in London that will perform the task properly.


Mildew comes in the form of green, brown or black spots that is not caused by any type of paint. Fungus is the main effect of moisture and poor ventilation, also might be caused by the lack of direct sunlight. Mildew can be removed by the mixture of water and liquid bleach. Scrub the surface with detergent, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with plain water. After it has dried completely, cover the surfaces with a top quality product that prevents mildew from growing.

Why is it worth to hire a professional painter?

There are many factors that decide of the durability of the paint. If you have no idea about preparing the surface or never heard of a primer, better use the service of a skilled and certified painter and decorator in London that will go through the project properly. Save your time and let others do the job they are experienced in.