Posted on 8th August 2019

Expert Advice: 7 simple ways to make a room look bigger

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Small rooms in your house can prove to be a challenge, yes, they can be cosy but has a risk element of looking overcluttered and cramped if you don’t know exactly what décor is needed. When a small room is tailored well it can mirror a Zen-like retreat – you just need a conscious effort in the planning. 

The good news here is that it is much simpler than you think – it comes down to the art of tricking the eye and perceiving a smaller space into something is not by three elements: scale, light and movement. 

Here, Vanessa Arbuthnott has shared her top 7 ways to make any room in your house look bigger. Remember that small is beautiful, easy and practical if done the right way.

1) Low profile

Furniture that is lower to the ground will create a feeling of openness in a room, this is because it leaves more space above them. In the bedroom, choose a bed which is lower to the ground such as a loft bed. In the living room you can opt for midcentury pieces as they tend to be lower to the ground, if this isn’t your thing then 19th-century furniture also have low profiles.


2) Mirror mirror

Any small space that wishes to look bigger should incorporate mirrors. They create a greater sense of openness. Mirrors are the key to any room as they reflect light and view which all tricks the eye into perceiving more space. Use a focal point and angle your mirrors towards it to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light so your room will look brighter during the day and night, they bounce light deep into the room making it appear larger.

3) White is key

White has many reflective qualities that can trick the eye. It opens up any room and makes it feel light and airy. White tends to blur the connection between wall and ceilings which causes your eyes to travel up and perceive the ceiling as higher. This is a perfect colour for a small room as it simplifies the area and emphasizes the architecture. Pair your white element room with warming elements such as a wool throw to avoid it feeling too cold

4) Curtains and wall

A clever method to making the most of your space is to opt for the same colour for your curtains as you have walls. The trick here is that the curtains blend into the walls rather than sacrificing your space available. The more cohesive a colour palette is in a room, the bigger it will seem.


5) Move furniture away from the walls

Moving your furniture away from the walls and corners of your room can make the space look larger. Keep corners clear and open to avoid ‘catty-corner placement’ of furniture. Pulling furniture away from the walls will make conservation areas more intimate and create a sense of overall balance. Always leave the end oriented toward the door open.


6) Clear accent pieces

Clear pieces can be your solution to a cramped space. Similar to sheer curtains you can have clear accent pieces like Lucite chairs or glass-topped tables. This can create the impression that a room is much larger. You may not even have any practical need for it, but it serves to draw the eye in and create a focal point.

7) Don’t use all the shelf space

Clutter can make a small space look tiny. If you have shelving in your small space then be sure to leave some spaces clear, not every inch needs to be covered in bits and bobs. This will create a clean and slick effect. if you tend to over clutter then maybe avoid having any open shelving at all so you won’t be tempted.