You never know when an emergency can strike and cause damage to your home or business. From sudden flooding to fire and smoke damage, these disasters require immediate response to restore your property and protect health. Trying to handle major restoration projects on your own can be overwhelming and dangerous. That’s why it’s critical to have experienced professionals you can call day or night to handle the cleanup quickly and completely.

Assessing the Damage

When an emergency causes damage to your property, the first step is evaluating the situation to understand what needs to be done. Walk through the affected areas and look for obvious issues like water accumulation, smoke odor, and structural damage. Be very careful to avoid hazards like exposed wires, slippery floors, and uneven surfaces. If you have any doubts about safety, leave the premises and call 911 for assistance.

Once you have a handle on the scope of the problem, take photos and videos to document the damage for insurance claims. Contact your provider right away to begin the claims process. The more details you can provide upfront, the faster you can get approval for restoration.

If the damage poses immediate risks, get out of the building and call for help. When in doubt, always put your personal safety first. You can assist restoration crews once the property has been secured.

Who to Call for Help

Firms like Summit Cleaning & Restoration have years of experience assisting homeowners and business owners with emergency restoration services, 24/7. When catastrophic damage occurs, Cleaning services mobilize immediately to start the remediation and rebuilding process. Trust IICRC certified technicians to secure properties, accurately assess damage, and follow all standard best practices for health safety.

Our fleet of fully-stocked emergency vehicles can respond anywhere in the region at a moment’s notice when disaster strikes. They understand the urgency of prompt action and work diligently to stop further destruction and risks to people on the premises. Compassion for our customers drives professional rapid response.

From water extraction and structural drying services to fire/smoke cleanup and storm damage repair, They can handle the restoration from start to finish so you have one team on your side. Continue staying at partner hotels while they do the heavy lifting to get your property restored for re-occupancy. These services pledge to deliver honest, caring service when you need it most.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur suddenly from weather events like flash flooding, tropical storms, and hurricanes. It can also result from plumbing failures, appliances leaking, and other gradual sources of leakage. Either way, water causes extensive harm to structures and belongings. From warping floors to promoting mold growth, it needs to be dealt with promptly by qualified professionals.

Health hazards are one of the biggest concerns with standing water in a home or business. Pooled water can breed dangerous mold and bacteria like E.coli and salmonella. This puts you and your family or employees at risk of respiratory issues, infections, and serious illness if left untreated. Even crystal clear water can contain invisible microbes. Don’t take chances when it comes to flood damage inside occupied spaces.

Some signs of water damage include:

  • Peeling or bubbling paint and wallpaper
  • Stains or moisture on walls and ceilings
  • Buckling hardwood floors
  • Moldy odors
  • Wet carpet and padding
  • Damaged furniture, drywall, and insulation

To properly dry out a water-damaged building, you need commercial dehumidifiers and water extraction tools. Portable fans or opening windows is not enough. Professionals use truck-mounted systems that forcefully suction water from carpets, walls, and other materials. They also set up high-powered dehumidifiers and monitoring equipment to actively lower moisture in the air until it reaches safe levels.

In many cases, soaked carpets and padding will need to be removed and thrown out to prevent mold growth underneath. Historic or valuable rugs can sometimes be salvaged by expert cleaners. It depends on the material, pile height, and how soon extraction begins. Don’t try DIY carpet cleaning methods on flood damage – call the pros.

Masonry materials like brick, concrete, and stone are porous and susceptible to water intrusion. They require extensive drying out, especially if the flooding was sewage-contaminated. The EPA recommends hiring professionals to handle flood water extraction and processing of porous materials.

Cleanup of a flood-damaged structure also includes removing damaged drywall, insulation, flooring materials and cabinetry. These sponge-like items soak up water and need to be disposed of properly to inhibit mold. Always wear protective gear like masks, gloves, and boots when handling flood water cleanup.

Extensive water damage may compromise the structural integrity of a home or building. This requires not only drying, but full-scale repairs and reconstruction. A restoration company can handle everything from demolition to installing new structural materials so you can move back in sooner.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fires can break out anywhere, leaving behind a big mess to clean up. Smoke permeates soft surfaces and stains walls while soot and ash settle on every surface. Combustion residue contains hazardous chemicals you don’t want to touch or inhale. The mold risk is also sky-high after building materials absorb water from fire sprinklers or hoses. Don’t go it alone when restoring fire and smoke damage.

Exposure to smoke can irritate eyes and airways or cause a life-threatening emergency. Never enter a fire-damaged structure until it has been pronounced safe by authorities. Lingering embers, toxic fumes, and structural issues put you in harm’s way. Let certified restoration technicians handle the initial cleanup using respirators and protective equipment.

Signs of fire and smoke damage:

  • Soot stains on walls, ceilings and contents
  • Charred wood/melted surfaces
  • Lingering smoky odor throughout home
  • Water staining from sprinklers/hoses
  • Debris from collapsed sections of building

Smoke damage is notoriously difficult to remove and cover up. Tactics like wiping down walls or using fragrance sprays only masks the smell temporarily. Restoration experts use industrial air scrubbers to filter particles and treat all soft and hard surfaces. Ozone treatments help deodorize what scrubbing cannot remove.

Proper ventilation is key to clearing smoke odor. Don’t close up the building and trap it inside. Opening windows and using large fans pushes it out. attic insulation and other concealed spaces also need airflow to prevent trapped smells. If odors persist even with cleaning, replacement of damaged materials may be necessary.

Smoke penetrates deeply into soft, absorbent materials like upholstery and bedding. Restoration pros have specialized cleaning solutions and equipment to deodorize and restore contents or determine what cannot be saved. It’s rarely possible to fully salvage smoke-permeated fabrics without professional help. Don’t waste too much effort trying to DIY it.

Working closely with your insurance adjuster ensures you get claim approval for necessary remediation services, replacements, and structural repairs after a fire. Most policies have smoke damage coverage. Provide them detailed documentation of all restoration procedures for reimbursement.

Storm Damage Repair

Thunderstorms, hail, lightning, wind, and tornadoes can all wreak havoc on commercial and residential structures. Storm damage ranges from shattered windows and ripped siding to caved-in roofs and toppled walls. Amidst the wreckage could be downed power lines, broken glass, unstable structures, and other safety hazards.

Before attempting any kind of cleanup or temporary repairs, survey the exterior damage first in daylight when safe to do so. Look for signs of electrical hazards, gas leaks, water or sewage intrusion. Contact the appropriate utility company if you suspect any leaks or exposed wires. Have everyone evacuate the building until authorities deem it stable to re-enter.

To prevent further weather damage after a storm strikes, restoration crews install temporary board-ups over broken windows and temporary roof coverings where needed. Removing debris and downed tree branches is also a priority to secure outdoor areas. You want your property protected as quickly as possible to minimize costs.

Interior damage can mean flooded basement walls, torn out insulation, damaged drywall or plaster. Trying to pull out soaked materials yourself without proper gear risks contamination from black mold and bacteria. Let storm damage restoration technicians handle it safely. They also know how to check for less obvious structural damage you could miss.

A crew can rapidly demo damaged interior finishes, dry out any water intrusion, and rebuild with new structural materials so you regain occupancy faster. They coordinate all needed repairs from flooring, to lighting, plumbing and ceiling finishes. With extensive home repairs, you want an integrated plan handled start to finish by one company.

Hire only licensed and bonded contractors for major rebuilding tasks. Make sure the company has storm restoration credentials from respected organizations like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. This ensures proper techniques are used in your home. Avoid “trunk slammers” who go door to door looking for repair work after storms.

Final Words

No one ever expects or welcomes an emergency situation causing damage to their property and contents. But when disaster strikes, you can take comfort in knowing who to call for expert restoration services around the clock. Rapid response sets you on the path to recovery quickly, safely and with compassion. Having contact details close to hand in an emergency can help negate potential damage.

Emergencies that damage your home or business can be extremely stressful. Trying to manage the repairs on your own is overwhelming. By calling in professionals to handle the restoration process, you can focus on your family, employees, and getting life back to normal. The right company will minimize disruption, meet deadlines, and provide reliable workmanship you can trust. Don’t go it alone – call professional services today for exceptional emergency restoration when you need it the most.