Posted on 31st July 2019

Embracing the Past to Excel in the Present

Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Ltd - BUILD News Magazine

Founded in 1989, Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Ltd do exactly what they promise from the outset – to continue using the techniques of yesteryear to produce a top-quality product that stands the test of time. Named the ‘Most Outstanding in Handmade Roof Tiles’ by BUILD magazine in April, we took a closer look at the company with Director Jakub Kostrzewski to find out more about their methods and product.

The global construction industry is finding itself at an odd crossroads, threatening to tear a schism in the market. Where some companies are finding the secret to success in adopting the very latest techniques and technologies, some are returning to the wisdoms of age-old methods. Think hand-made with traditional materials versus the latest 3D printed designs. Sometimes, the past can keep pace with the present’s ever-moving forward march and – once or twice- the traditional proves itself, in many ways, better. More adaptable. More aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be entirely honest to say that Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Ltd eschews modernity entirely. As Jakub explains, “Our source of inspiration lies in classic solutions and traditional technology that has remained unchanged for centuries. In our work we combine history with modernity, enriching the 21st century aesthetics with the beauty of the past.

“Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Ltd was founded in the late 80s, and passionately continues the 19th-century roofing production tradition. So, for 30 years, we have been producing the highest quality handmade roof tiles. Ultimately, we specialise in handmade clay products and fitting that are suitable for new, refurbished and historical buildings. Today, we are one of the market leaders in the UK.”

Despite the efficacy of their methods, Traditional Clay Roof Tiles has succeeded on the back of two-pronged strategy: to provide high quality products that distinguish themselves from the competition and their offerings. “The secret is our 120-year-old Hoffman coal-fired kiln and the manner of the manual operation which has been passed down from generation to generation. We still produce tiles by this method today. The wide colour range and unique structure of the tile blend well with the architecture and the surroundings of any building.” Regardless of whether the building in question is a new build or finds it roots in more ancient origins, Traditional Clay Roof Tiles can create something that is perfect for the individual needs of the project. This adaptability has certainly served them well over the last thirty years and will prove vital moving forwards as they look to further establish themselves.

“For many years we have been building our sales network with only good trading partners in the UK market. We serve customers who want to own unique roofs from natural components in harmony with nature.”

This ties intrinsically into the company’s future, as Jakub discusses in his closing comments. “We would like to systematically increase this sales network and bring new products and colours to our portfolio. We also would like to try to enter new markets such as the renovation market and establish ourselves there.”


Company Details

Company: Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Ltd.
Name: Jakub Kostrzewski, Director
Address: 49 Station Road, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 6EA, United Kingdom
Telephone: 07584 624744