With blue set to dominate the interior design scene once again this year, some of us may be looking for ways to embrace this in our own homes, but how best should you do this? To guide you through, Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains shares her expertise on decorating with blues.


1. Introduce slowly though soft furnishings 

A classic way to play with a new colour palette in your home is to add smaller touches of colour rather than opt for more transformative changes. This can be a great option from a cost perspective, but also allows your space to evolve over time. Amy says:

“If you’re keen to add some bright blues but are not ready for a full decorating project, consider introducing the colour through soft furnishings for a quick and easy refresh. If you’re starting with a blank canvas of fresh white, this could be the perfect way to bring the space to life as this complementary pair will work to create a sophisticated Mediterranean-style interior. This is a particularly effective way to brighten up a darker room too. 

“Consider cushions, some oversized blue artwork for the walls or even some blue curtains. Plain white walls work a treat alongside busier patterns so embrace bold blue design through florals or geometric shapes.”


2. Pair alongside neutral textures

If you decide to work with darker and deeper hues of blue, the space can quickly become quite flat. A great way to combat this is by bringing in plenty of neutral shades to balance out the light and dark, as well as layering up different textures. Amy explains:

“Texture is another brilliant way to decorate with blue tones. If you have rich blue walls or larger furniture, bringing in some more neutral textures works wonders. For example, darker shades of blue look dramatic and atmospheric in the bedroom, however to really bring it to life and create a more styled and complete scheme , add in contrasting fabrics and textures, such as linens and wool.

“Again, think cushions, large neutral rugs and contrasting curtains if you are looking for ways to bring your blue room to life. Rattan, wood cladding and the increasingly popular bouclé will lighten up a blue room and give it a real touch of sophistication.”


3. Layer up the blues

Ever felt the need to have all things match when decorating with brighter colours? Amy advises why you should try to avoid this common design mistake. 

“If you want to decorate like a designer, then look at different shades of one colour in one scheme. Layering different shades of blue will work particularly well in a contemporary setting if using a bold high dopamine shades like brilliant blue with turquoise and then a softer pastel shade of blue for balance”


4. Bring in bronze and brass touches

Metallic touches are a great way to instantly inject some luxury and glamour into your home, but understanding the right type against your colour choice is key. Amy shares:

“Metallics always have a place when it comes to interior design, but this is especially true when working with those richer hues such as navy blues or deep teals. For these sorts of shades, I’d always recommend opting for warmer metals such as bronze or brass over cooler shades, as this creates a lovely balance of depth and warmth. 

“A little goes a long way with metallics and it is well worth considering a mix of matt and shiny finishes. Introducing metallic finishes to touch points like light switches, door handles and light fittings is a really simple and stylish way to add some drama to your blue décor.

“A classic brass mirror above a fireplace or console is really effective, as well as switching up your curtain pole to have statement finials which frame your window. Make sure that there are plenty of contrasting textures of a more earthy texture such as clay and wood to avoid the metallic looking too harsh and brash.”


5. Add plenty of warmth

As blue sits on the cooler side of the colour spectrum, it’s important to avoid bringing in endless shades of blue whilst neglecting the need to balance this with some warmth. Amy says:

“One of the most significant aspects of a successful interior design is balance. This includes ensuring you strike the right balance between warm and cool colours. As orange sits directly opposite blue on the colour wheel this makes it the perfect way to add some warmth into your space. 

“With deeper blues, terracotta shades and burnt oranges make for a lovely match. There are many ways you can introduce these shades, either through accessories, paint or made to measure curtains in a stylish linen.”