There are many dangers when working on a construction site. From heights to machinery, power tools to heavy machinery, it’s a risky place to work. That is why there are so many rules and regulations regarding safety on site.

One of the – literally – biggest things on any construction site that can cause danger is heavy machinery. Plant machinery like cranes, diggers, and foundation bore drills can be catastrophically dangerous if not used and looked after properly. Securing them properly is essential for minimizing risk. If you work in construction and need some tips on securing your machinery, read on to find out more.


Dangers Of Poor Security

As mentioned, these heavy machinery tools can be super dangerous; when it comes to objects like cranes and drills, they are often extremely tall as well as powerful. Not securing them properly could lead to collapse or toppling over, putting not just everyone on-site at risk but also anyone else in the area where they are being used. Any instability with heavy machinery could lead to severe injury and – in the worst cases – even death. For this reason, every site manager should have strict security measures in place for heavy machinery.


Crane Mats

One of the biggest tools used is cranes. A crane can stand at over 250ft tall, so any instability could be disastrous. The use of crane mats can help prevent instability or danger. These platforms are specifically designed to create a flat, stable, strong base for any crane to be assembled and then used upon. Without a crane mat, you could have a 200ft tall machine operating very unsafely, putting both the crane operator and all of those on the ground at serious risk. Once that crane picks up some heavy objects, you need to know it’s 100% secure. Take a look at these mats before embarking on your next crane build.



Some smaller pieces of machinery simply need to be kept in place while operating to help prevent toppling; this is where a classic tie-down or platform can help. You may have already seen mobile cranes or cherry pickers that spring legs to create their own even platform. If this is not available, simple, heavy-duty ties can help secure the machinery to nearby structures, creating more balance and far less danger.


Vehicle Straps

One of the biggest dangers comes from moving machinery to and from construction sites. Diggers, platforms, and other machinery must be moved on and off-site by truck, meaning they are raised up with the potential of falling. In this case, it’s important to use heavy-duty vehicle straps to secure the machine to the truck to ensure that it never moves in transit or falls on workers during offloading.


These are the simple yet most important ways that you need to keep your machinery and construction staff site safe. Without these, you could risk the life of your workers and huge losses to expensive machinery. Make sure your site is safe at all times, creating a happy and healthy workplace environment.