The housing market has been through some ups and downs. The highs and lows have brought with it some challenging times, whether you are a homeowner or someone who has been eyeing the market for some time.  

With many people taking advantage of the Stamp Duty Holiday and reduction that was implemented because of the pandemic, there is no surprise that so many people took it upon themselves to buy a house in 2020 and 2021. 

If you are in the position where you are looking to buy a property as we head into the latter half of the year, stay tuned.  


Know The Costs 

While this seems somewhat obvious, it can sometimes be overlooked. The last thing you want is to get to the final stage of buying your dream home, only to be met with some extra costs you had not thought of!  

Taking your time with this process is ideal and making sure to include all potential costs will give you a better idea of what to expect. In addition, house valuations are a critical aspect of knowing how much you will be paying and give you a better idea of whether you want to continue with the house buying process on that particular property.  

Enlisting the services of house surveyors provided by businesses like GB Home Surveys will ensure you know the value of the property you’re interested in, plus any potential costs, before you need to pay for them. What’s not to like!  


Location and Amenities 

It might seem confusing to think that this is a factor that potential homeowners overlook, but it indeed happens often. Knowing where you want to settle down can be a task in itself, mainly if you are a bit of a wanderlust at times! 

Taking the time to compare the different locations that you would consider living in, while also considering available houses in your price range will make this process a lot easier. 

Furthermore, mainly if you are looking to buy a house as a parent, you will need to consider commuting distances to any school or workplace. Ensuring you do this before going ahead with the buying process will ensure you are not met with hours of commuting ahead of you in future.  


Will It Need Any Work? 

Linking closely to knowing your purchase costs, this is a detail that many people turn a blind eye to. While it may be tempting to do so, you want to ensure you make a note of anything in the property that might need some work in the future.  

Generally, when getting your house valued, the professional completing the valuation will note anything like this for you. However, in some cases, it can affect the overall value of the property.  

While some people might be purchasing a property with the intention of completing renovations and other works, others will not. Therefore, decide before going ahead with the buying process whether this is a responsibility you are willing to take on.