In the commercial world, the entryway is often the first touchpoint between a business and its clientele. If you’re looking for an automatic door solution that marries functionality with high-quality craftsmanship, J Manny Automatic Doors is your go-to choice. With a storied history spanning over 20 years and a robust team of 30 Engineers serving Wales and the Southwest, J Manny has stood the test of time, becoming a market leader in the industry.

Why J Manny?

Established Expertise

J Manny’s establishment in 2003 translates to over two decades of unparalleled experience. The firm’s team of highly trained engineers is committed to delivering top-tier service across a variety of door projects.

Commitment to Quality

For J Manny, reputation isn’t just a word; it’s a promise. The company is dedicated to utilising the best materials possible, ensuring your doors aren’t just functional but long-lasting as well.

Exceptional Project Management

Quality products need quality management. J Manny offers dedicated project management and communication throughout the lifecycle of your door projects, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to execution.

In-House Manufacturing

From roller shutters to grand shopfronts, J Manny’s in-house expertise ensures that your project is looked after from start to finish, without any compromises in quality.

Range of Services

  • Automatic Doors: Whether sliding or folding, J Manny has an array of automatic doors to suit your commercial needs.
  • Industrial Doors: Tailored to various types, colours, and configurations.
  • Shop Fronts: Looking to give your shop a new façade? J Manny provides competitive quotes.
  • Manual Doors: Sometimes, simplicity is key.
  • Automatic Gates: Specialising in various systems to secure your business premises.
  • Physical Security & Access Control: From keycard systems to comprehensive security solutions, J Manny is a one-stop-shop for all your security needs.

For businesses that require reliable and exceptional door solutions, J Manny Automatic Doors offers a combination of quality, expertise, and customer-oriented service that is hard to beat. Whether it’s for retailers, facilities partners, hospitals, or government buildings, J Manny is a name you can trust for all your door-related needs.

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In an ever-changing commercial landscape, make a lasting impression with J Manny Automatic Doors.