BUILD Magazine proudly welcomes you to the ninth annual Real Estate and Property Awards! A flagship programme for the BUILD platform, these awards have recognised the key players driving this dynamic industry for almost a decade, and in 2023 we will once again present our readers with the ultimate guide to the Real Estate and Property sector.

Despite multiple challenges effecting the market – with rising interest rates, a lack of affordable housing, growing construction debt, and the threat of climate change just a handful of examples – the Real Estate industry is still predicted to expand at a reasonable rate of over five percent CAGR by 2030. The Residential and Commercial sectors continue to dominate the Property market and are both expected to be major forces for growth in the coming years, thanks to increasing numbers of Millennials joining the property ladder, and the tourism industry experiencing a generous boost post-pandemic. The Property Management market is also booming, with analysts anticipating that this will be the strongest segment for growth across the next five years.

As the Real Estate and Property industry expands, it is also rapidly evolving in order to accommodate the various societal shifts that have arisen in the years following the pandemic. Consumer requirements are changing, especially in the commercial sector, with modern work-from-home and flexible employment policies meaning that there is less demand for permanent office space. Industry experts indicate that up to twenty percent of office real estate stock will need to be repurposed to deal with this issue.

However, businesses continue to show resourcefulness and are coming up with inventive solutions to stay competitive in response to current industry trends. The advent of digital real estate services such as online walkthroughs and live-streaming rooms have allowed homebuyers to view and purchase properties from the comfort of their homes. Other new digital technologies that are being implemented across the Real Estate market that are growing in influence include building automation software, keyless entry systems, and integrated 5G networks.

For those at the forefront of these developments, taking part in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2023 would be a fantastic way to showcase your achievements over the past year. Our innovative merit-based research approach ensures that only the most deserving candidates go on to be successful, and so appearing in the programme can instantly boost your credibility with potential clients. BUILD Magazine also boasts a highly engaged audience of over 96,000 Real Estate, Architecture, Construction, and Home Services professionals around the world, making it an effective platform to increase brand recognition and awareness among your target markets.

There are no costs associated with taking part in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2023, and we make sure to offer both free-of-charge and commercial advertising options to our winners so that each recipient can make use of the tools that are most useful to their specific promotional needs. If you would like to nominate yourself or a company you know for consideration in the programme, please don’t hesitate to do so, by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button provided. Best of luck to all potential nominees in the Real Estate and Property Awards 2023!