Welcome to the 2021 Eco Excellence Awards proudly hosted by BUILD!

In its inaugural year, BUILD is delighted to present the 2021 Eco Excellence Awards, designed to seek out and reward the leading innovators and projects that form this vitally important industry.

As the climate crisis continues to worsen and the individual consumer can often be left feeling hopeless, the BUILD industry has proudly stepped forwards to innovate towards a greener and eco-friendly future ensuring that we are able to create important structures and buildings whilst protecting the planet that we inhabit. 

Over recent years many innovators have come to the fore to fight the climate crisis by encouraging sustainable build as the new standard, versus a luxury. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the future success of our planet and as more and more eco-conscious projects are introduced the consumer is now not only seeking out but demanding an eco-conscious construction and building future.

Having previously hosted the Sustainable BUILD Awards as a brand we are dedicated to creating noise around sustainable, eco-friendly, green building and materials. Our main goal is to highlight the work done in all areas of green building, from the advancements in sustainable building materials and designs, to utility usage, as well as waste and pollution reduction initiates. We reveal and reward the notable efforts of all those involved in the planning, development and manifestation of the structures which will provide shelter for generations to come.

The 2021 Eco Excellence Awards are judged solely on merit and therefore provide a great marketing opportunity to demonstrate your dedication to your field. Furthermore, should you go on to achieve one of our prestigious accolades you/ your firm will be presented with an exciting selection of promotional opportunities that we can explore together to ensure that news of your accreditation reaches far and wide. 

Our available options are specifically designed to assist you in broadening your reach and are also a fantastic opportunity to appeal to a NEW and highly engaged audience of 110,000 individuals who eagerly await to read about your vision. 

We would be honoured to have you as part of our journey as we embark on our journey to a greener BUILD community, therefore if you own, are part of or would like to nominate a project, business or individual that you believe demonstrates Eco excellence, then please complete the voting form.

If you have any questions regarding participation or the awards process, then please contact awards coordinator Jessie Wilson using the contact details provided.