The bathroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house by many people and, after the kitchen, it definitely has the biggest resale value. Most of us are no longer driven by practical needs only and nowadays we are renovating our bathrooms with pampering and relaxation in mind.

The renovations aren’t always just basic and simple. Style and designs are important as well as following the latest trends, hopefully, this article will explain the different ways of bathroom renovations.

Installing a new bathroom can be tricky and difficult. It requires a lot of technical skills and you need to carefully plan it from the start to prevent mistakes. However, it’s a great opportunity to invest in some designer items you have always dreamt about. Your bathroom needs to evoke that pampered and relaxed feeling you have when you imagine a warm bubble bath. If you need some ideas and inspiration on how to create a truly high-end-looking space, this is the article for you. Today we will discuss luxury bathroom items, decor, and accessories. Let’s dive in!


Stylish Heating Products

Sure, we all know that we need heating products and radiators all around the house, as well as in the bathroom. What many people don’t know is that these products can look exceptionally stylish nowadays. There are a variety of choices on the market, both traditional and modern looking. Designers from Bathroom Radiators UK recommend checking out column and panel radiators if a coordinated look is your goal, but vertical radiators are very popular this year, as well. Still, nothing can compare with a lovely stainless steel towel rail, which is considered to be a must-have this season.

When investing in heating products always consider size, brand, and heat output, as well as the material. Interior designers recommend simple white chrome if your style is traditional but, for a more exotic look, go with brass, pewter, nickel, or copper. There are many different shapes, as well and most people choose angled, straight, or cornered type. The latest trend is decorative furniture such as towel rails and pipe sleeves, so make sure to check those out, too.

Nothing can beat the trend of underfloor heating systems, especially when temperatures outside are dropping. It can be used with a variety of flooring options, such as concrete, tile, vinyl, and wood. Your cold tiles will transform into a soothing warm floor. 


Back-Lit Mirrors

If you want a modern design you should definitely try back-lit mirrors that give your bathroom ambient lighting without glare. These stylish mirrors can create a glowing effect, so you can use them to highlight the texture of your wall or as a focal point. They can even appear as if they are floating, which is such an original look.

The backlit mirror is great because it can function as a nightlight when dimmed. Not only does it have a decorative aspect, but it is also very useful.


Floating Vanities

This is another bathroom trend that is going to be huge in 2021. There are various options when it comes to vanities and they come in different configurations. Basically, you can choose a complete unit (a sink, countertop, and storage compartment) or you can opt for sets with completely separate pieces. The great thing about floating vanities is that cleaning your floor will become a lot faster and easier.


Smart Toilets

If you are renovating your bathroom in 2021 you must consider smart toilets, a trend-led by Japan. Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular and many homeowners are leveraging technology and converting their houses. People have been installing doors that lock and unlock automatically and lights that turn on and off with a clap for years. Smart toilets are a new must-have. They usually have hands-free components, like touch-free flushing and self-closing lids, and most of them are equipped with self-cleaning technology (for example – bacteria-killing light under the lid). Not to mention seat warmers, adjustable air dryers, and built-in deodorizers. At the end of the day, smart toilets look aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and futuristic, but they are also very useful and easy to clean.

2021 is considered to be a year in which the whole bathroom will get a high-tech upgrade. Bathrooms will see smart showers and automatic sinks, as well as built-in Bluetooth speaker systems. Lighting and temperature will be activated and controlled by your voice and smart mirrors will talk to you. The possibilities are endless and bathrooms are transforming into personalized spas. All this cool technology makes your experience more convenient and relaxing than ever.

More and more technology is being included in bathrooms and even small appliances are integrated. If you want a luxury bathroom consider investing in an under-counter refrigerator or beverage center near the makeup area for your medicines and organic facial remedies. Or, think about warming drawers for robes, towels, and linen.


Space-saving Soaking Tubs

Many people consider having a soaking tub as an essential aspect, mostly people with kids or families living with the elderly. Indulging in a warm bath is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and relax. The pandemic has only increased our desire to rest and enjoy our “at home SPA”. If you have limited space in your bathroom don’t worry. Space-saving soaking tubs are a huge trend nowadays and they can fit perfectly into any small space. Another interesting and practical trend is to integrate your shower and your tub. This is a game-changer for bathrooms with limited space.


Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials and it is quite resistant to staining and scratching and easy to maintain. It’s no surprise that this material is dominant in 2021 and that 74% of interior designers picked it as the best countertop material. It’s easy to clean and non-porous, meaning that it’s less susceptible to bacteria.

Other popular materials are natural wood, cement, and Silestone (it imitates the look of marble), so make sure you invest in some high-end accessories made of these trendy materials.

Now that you know all about high-quality, fashionable items for your bathroom and design trends for 2021, it’s time to go shopping. Living in a nice space is very important and it can really help you better your mood and deal with stress. Invest in an original, stylish piece for your bathroom and enjoy.