Garage doors are an integral part of the home. Not only that but they can also be an embodiment of the homeowner’s personality thanks to the multiple designs available in the market.

Are you on the look out for a garage door for your house? Here are the best garage door design trends in 2022:

  • Wooden Door Design

Wood is a material contractors have adopted to construct several building elements. It’s a material you can use for your garage door too. One of the best designs like Arrowhead garage doors are made from solid wood.

Besides longevity, wooden garage doors are highly aesthetic too with different patterns, grains, and colours. The colour can be light or dark brown, which you can finish off with a glossy look or matte.

Wooden garage doors have trended since they’re a replica of nature. If your home has a traditional theme, these doors are ideal to ensure theme continuity. They’re also ideal if you have trees or a green environment around your garage. Since wood is a natural material, it’ll blend in with your surroundings and add to your property’s beauty.

  • Aluminium Door Design

Aluminium is a material adopted by homeowners to achieve a modern, sleek look. It has the same appeal should you adopt it for your residence’s garage door.

One of the designs you can achieve with aluminium is having your garage door continuous, without any design on it. However, you can colour it grey or your preferred colour to add to its aesthetics.

The other design is having it stripped with thick or thin battens. These strips eliminate the boredom of the aluminium garage door. With this design, most homeowners have adopted the rolling up and down door mechanism. It’s something you can do as well.

  • Farmhouse Door Design

The farmhouse theme is often characterised by a simple, rustic, and traditional outlook. This design makes your garage door pop while giving it a unique character. There are different ways to achieve a farmhouse look.

You can have a single or double-arched door. Should you adopt the latter, consider having it open like a French door, either inwards or outwards. Also, the farmhouse design has wood as one of the materials and the best shade to use is light brown. The other material you can adopt is wrought iron in a darker shade.

Last but not least, this style requires hinges and locks that stand out from the door’s material. These accessories are often black metal. The contrast between the black and the light-shaded wood is what adds to its beauty.

  • Panel Door Design

Panel doors are quite common in indoor design, either your doors, walls, headboard, or wardrobe. Yet it doesn’t mean you can’t use them outside for your garage door. Many homeowners have done this, which is why this design is a trending garage door design in 2022.

You can achieve different designs with this door. One way is to have the panels drawn out on the door’s surface as squares or rectangles. These shapes can be equal or not; the choice is based on your preference.

Besides having the plans flat on your door, they can protrude and be angled to add to their beauty.

Regarding the material, you can opt for wood or steel for your panel doors. Once again, for beauty purposes, it’s best not to have exposed door accessories. The best option is a panel door with a rolling or sliding opening mechanism. Their hinges and other accessories tend to be hidden.

The panel door design also allows you to paint it with your preferred design, be it grey, black, or brown.

  • Glazed Door Design

A glazed door is another design for a modern look. One of the reasons this design is trending is because it allows natural light in your home garage.

For the glazed door design, you want to ensure the main component of your door is glass. You can have the glass door panelled or follow a continuous design, with frames for support. The frames can be wood, alluminum, or even steel.


The discussion above has established that your garage’s exterior can be as beautiful as its interior. It has further shown how you can beautify the exterior through the garage door by highlighting the best garage door design trends in 2022. Each of these designs is one you can use for your home – it all depends on your tastes and preference. Be sure to adopt a garage door design to beautify your garage space.