Sometimes it can feel like there is never enough space in our homes. Regardless of whether you are a single person in a one-bedroom flat or a family of four in a big house, sometimes you just need some more space. With a bit of creativity, time and inspiration you would be surprised at how much more space you can create in your home!

Here are 8 innovative ways to create more space in your home.


1. Use Under Stair Storage

A lot of us have valuable space just being unused under staircases, so why not get creative and put that space to use? Lots of people have made the move to storing their things under the stairs with built-in cupboards and storage units. Depending on what you plan to put away in there can determine how you build the space. For example, if you are storing blankets, towels and bedsheets, you could consider using pull out shelves for easy access. For more inspiration on how to use under stair storage, click here.


2. Renovate Your Basement

If you have a basement then you have hit the goldmine of all storage spaces. While basement renovations might not be the cheapest of options, that does not mean that it is not worth it. A basement extension can make your home a profitable investment as it makes it more valuable and desirable for future potential buyers. Get a free quote from Toronto basement renovation & finishing experts and start thinking about all the potential storage space that you can use. While some people renovate their basements to put in home cinemas, you can make your space multifunctional. So if you do want a home cinema, you can still do this, but use storage savvy furniture within that room.


3. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a great way to create space in smaller rooms. For instance, if you have no room for a permanent table in the kitchen, then consider using a murphy bar that has a table and cabinet space for kitchen utensils. Another multifunctional option to use are Ottoman style storage units, these can come in many formats, including under-bed storage, or the Ottoman Cubista which turns into five mini stools. If you don’t have the budget currently for big renovations, then opting for multi-purpose furniture can save you a lot of space.


4. Use Open Plan Settings

If you have rooms that are separated by one wall that can be feasibly combined, such as a kitchen next to a living room, then knocking down the wall to create one big open space will make a huge difference. Not only will it feel more spacious, but it will also give you a chance to get a bit more creative with storage and furniture placement. Often furniture placement can be an obstacle in creating space, but with more room to work with you will be able to find a way to make it work. Sometimes structural changes such as this can feel scary and will no doubt cost some money, however, it is cheaper than moving houses and it also adds value to the property as a whole. Renovating your kitchen is one of the more rewarding jobs to do as well as giving you the biggest bang for your buck. So consider it a worthy investment in the long run.


5. Use Your Attic Space

Once again, if you have an attic, you have struck gold! Attics can be renovated into extra rooms and can be a real game-changer. A loft conversion can add one to two more bedrooms depending on how large of a space you have. Not only does this leave you with a bigger home, but it adds value to the property. So one day if you might sell then you will be grateful for the return on your investment. Converting attic space is not the most cost-friendly option, but once space is there, you can leave it bare if you wanted. Have it as a storage space to create more room in the rest of the house, use it as an office or even just as a place to watch TV. The options are endless.


6. Use Your Garden

Garden’s are often untapped sources of storage potential. If you get sick of storing your bikes inside and scuffing up the paint jobs on the wall, you could consider getting a bike storage unit to put in the garden. That way, there are no more bikes in the house taking up space but you don’t have to risk storing them out on the street. In fact, there are lots of clever garden units, as big as sheds or as small as a stool that turns into a bucket. If you take the time to get creative with it, you’ll find there are several things that do not need to be inside your home taking up unnecessary space. Even if you have a small garden, you can use multifunctional furniture out there to maximise space.


7. Use Sunlight

Nothing will make your home feel bigger and brighter than natural sunlight. The use of big windows can make a world of difference, especially those that are higher up in the room. Additionally, floor to ceiling windows will create a dramatic change in how spacious your home feels without actually changing anything inside it. How you place your windows can make your room feel twice the size if you do it right. Allowing a room to fill up with daylight is also extremely beneficial for your mental health, as according to research increased exposure to daylight is linked to an increased release of the brain’s hormone serotonin. If you are unfamiliar with this hormone, it is associated with helping a person feel calm, focused and happy.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make your home feel even just a little bit more spacious. Give any one of these 8 innovative ways a go and you will be reaping the rewards of that extra space at home.