Posted on 8th March 2022

7 Garden Trends for Summer 2022, According to an Expert

Person gardening. They are tending to a flower garden with bark pieces topping the flowers bed

Even though it’s still cold outside, now is the perfect time to start preparing for summertime. Our gardens become the hub during the warmer seasons, as they are no longer reserved for just the odd barbeque, they are the extension of our homes. Each summer, different garden trends create unique settings in which we can play, cook, relax, and host. According to the National Gardening Associate, during the pandemic, most of us spent an extra two hours a day outside. The added value we now place on our outdoor space means we take more pride in restoring our landscapes.

From patchwork terraces to richer colour palettes, gardening expert at, Calum Maddock, has shared the strongest gardening trends in 2022 that will make the most out of your outdoor spaces.


1. Patchwork Terraces

Large terraces without foliage are less common these days due to the popularity of plants. This trend will see plants woven in between paving and large areas of stone to soften the visual look and add an extra amount of greenery to your garden. You can leave gravel gaps between pavers or use self-seeding plants to let nature control the patterns.


2. Cooking Alfresco

Many of us have turned our attention to cooking and extending this outside the kitchen is a garden trend for this summer. An outdoor kitchen could simply be a firepit with a removable grill top or you could have the full experience and install a pizza oven, outdoor sink and even refrigeration.


3. Strong Colours

Colour in the garden is vital to create a vibrant atmosphere. This summer we will see less muted colours in favour of lustrous bold colours. These won’t necessarily be placed in harmony but instead naturally styled and woven around the garden. Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year is Very Peri, a joyful purple. Bring that trend into the garden and choose vividly coloured containers and big leafed tropical plants.


4. ‘No-dig’ Gardening

No-dig gardening is a technique that has been practised for thousands of years, but it could be the key to saving us from a climate disaster. “Gardeners are responsible for carbon emissions caused by their digging,” says Charles Dowding, pioneer of the method. “Digging disturbs carbon in the soil and releases it – about 10% of the soil’s carbon is released into the atmosphere every time you dig over your soil.” No-dig methods simply involve piling nutrient- and carbon-rich compost on the surface and leaving the earthworms to do the rest.


5. Bark

As opposed to formal paths, natural materials are trending this summer. Bark is more sustainable than concrete slabs and offers more flexibility. It’s also a great cost-effective material for drainage which is vital for good sustainability.


6. Textured Stone

Textured stone across paving and planting borders are expected to be a popular choice this summer. The combinations of brushed limestones or textured sandstones brings extra dimensions to your garden. A simple yet effective design plan is to stick to one stone type and vary the forms and finishes.


7. Japandi

Japandi has already made its mark in the interior world but is set to take over the garden trends in summer 2022. Teaming polished Scandinavian functionality with soothing Japanese creates an uncluttered yet calming finish to your outdoor space. The blend of function and form come together with the pairing of natural materials and high-quality furniture.