An air-conditioning (AC) unit helps keep a room cool, especially during the peak of the summer season. However, even with the benefits it brings, it can take a toll on your electricity bill as it consumes larger wattage compared to small appliances. So, maximizing what your AC can do can help lower your bill. 

Your AC’s primary responsibility is to provide cold air inside a room, but there might be factors that can affect its performance. To ensure that you get the most out of your AC, here are the tips to improve AC efficiency: 


1. Clean the Filters Regularly  

Your AC comes with a removable filter that you can take out and clean yourself. This will help ensure that your AC will release fresh air without any blockage. 

An AC’s filter works by blocking dust inside the unit, preventing AC breakage. With continuous use, though, your filters could get dirty, so your AC is unable to release cool air. You must learn about filters, especially their cleaning method, as this could affect your AC’s performance.


2. Seal the Doors and Windows

 Your window and door gaps can affect your AC’s efficiency no matter how small they are. The target temperature may not be reached with these gaps on the way, so the AC works harder toward its goal. Seal the doors and windows so the AC could work more efficiently. Use a sealing strip on the edges, preventing any cool air from going outside and warm air from coming inside. Additionally, close any holes or gaps you see on your walls or floors. These may be simple but quick fixes, but they can help to ensure your AC does its best for you.


3. Use Thermal Curtains

While it may seem harmless, the daylight that enters your home may affect temperature. The more sunlight you’ll have, the hotter it will be inside your home, so you’ll lower your AC’s temperature. Apart from higher electricity bill, it can also affect your AC’s efficiency, as it couldn’t maximize its capabilities. 

To make the most out of your AC without having to lower its temperature, you might want to consider using thermal curtains as they can help block out any heat that comes from the daylight. This type of curtain uses a special fabric that repels heat and keeps your room within the same temperature.


4. Clean the Area Outside

Your AC will have an outdoor unit wherein the main machinery will work. It will be responsible for keeping the heat out and bringing the cold inside the room. Nonetheless, too much clutter and blockage might force your AC to work harder, affecting its efficiency and quality.

Clean the area outside of your unit so your AC may work efficiently. Get rid of piles of leaves, tall grass, shrubs, or anything that may affect circulation and ventilation. Keep this in mind as well if you’re thinking of landscaping your home anytime soon.  


5. Turn On the Fans

If you’re using an AC to cool a large room, it might take longer for you to achieve your desired temperature on every corner. Use a fan at the other end of the room to speed up the process. This will help the cold air to circulate inside, so the room will be cool faster. 

Still, even with a small room, you can always use a fan to help distribute the cold temperature evenly. This would work well with both small and large temperatures. 


6. Avoid Using Heat During the Day

During the day, you can expect the temperature to get higher, forcing you to turn down your AC to the lowest temperature. If your room remains hot even with an AC turned on, you might want to check what might be affecting the temperature. 

Ideally, you might want to avoid using heating appliances during the day as their heat and steam could affect the entire room. When these are turned on, it might be difficult for you to achieve a cool room, so your AC will have to work harder to achieve the coolness you desire. 



Your AC should work as efficiently as possible so you can achieve the reduction in electricity bill that you so much desire. Overworking your AC should also be avoided, so it would be best to give it a break sometimes. Take note of the intense work it needs to do every time you turn it on. These small actions will help extend the life span of your AC, so you can say your purchase has been worth it.