The search for your dream home can be a long and tiring road. You’re finally ready to splash the cash and purchase your dream home but there seem to be too many obstacles in your way. In this guide, we’ve curated our best tips to help you find your home within your budget. Though you might feel that your budget can limit your options, this list will help get there. Read on to find 6 tips that will help you.


An Older Home 

A very practical option is to search for an older home. Even if it needs a great amount of modernization, if you manage to buy it without spending a big portion of your budget, you will have a lot more left to spare. This money can then be used to turn your vision into a reality. Buying an older property can allow you to own a much bigger property if you broaden your search a little bit.



It may seem like a hassle to purchase a home that needs work. But it can also be a huge investment if you add value to the home instead of paying a bigger price tag for another house. It’s a smarter move to opt for a fixer-upper especially as you are more likely to find something within your budget.

Don’t feel pressured by the idea that you need everything to be done at once, allow yourself to take your time with the renovations. This gives you the freedom to do whatever you need and truly turn the house into a home.

To save costs, consider doing it yourself. This can help save you some extra coin and purchase a property much bigger than you thought was possible. Where you can’t DIY, call on professionals to help bring your vision to life. The designers at Novus Homes recommend getting into detail on your family’s vision and lifestyle so your home is truly bespoke. When viewing properties try to see the potential a property has rather than what you can see at face value.



You may dream of living in the swankiest neighborhood but if your budget doesn’t match up to your dream home, you can find some wiggle room here. Take amenities, commutes, transport, etc into consideration and allow yourself to think outside the box. If you’re a city person at heart but your budget isn’t quite there, take a look at the closest neighborhoods to your dream location.

When you get clever with these things you give yourself a lot more flexibility. You may at some point face the dilemma of price vs location, remember that you can’t live in a house you can’t afford but you can live in an area that isn’t so swanky. Don’t be too quick to judge certain areas too, visit them first and get a feel of the place. Maybe ask friends or family who live in or around the area to give you the lowdown on what it’s really like.


Of course, you will be taking into account the size of the house and you most likely know how many bedrooms you are looking for. Consider your family’s habits and the way this can impact the property you look for. If your family spends a lot of time relaxing, working, or eating in the living, dining, or kitchen area and not so much time in bedrooms then prioritize these spaces. If your family has different schedules or everyone spends time in their bedrooms or study then factor this in.

This will help you find a space that is functional and practical for your family.



Settle on the style of the house you want. If you are unsure, have a look at a few different styles and see what resonates. Knowing the style you want and its practicality will help you find your dream home much faster.



Keep the future in mind when you look. Not just 1-2 years into the future but so far as 20 or 30 as well. This will help you look at factors like space, features, and price in a wholesome way. For your dream home, you want one that will grow with you. If you have solid plans to expand your family, take this into account. Even if your plans are loose and there’s only a slim chance for this sometime in the future. Or maybe you plan to start your own business or work remotely, factor in the space for this. Make sure there is room for everyone to grow.


Keep these tips in mind while you are on the search for your new home. It is important to stay practical and focused and be prepared to let some things slide. Allow yourself to see the true potential in a property so you can transform it into your vision. Try to take into account if you plan on living there short-term or for the rest of your life with your family. Happy hunting!