The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and yet it’s also the space which suffers the most wear and tear while also being likely to experience neglect over the months and years.

Luckily it’s fairly straightforward to maintain and improve elements of your bathroom, so long as you know where to start. To that end, let’s cover a few key ameliorations and augmentations which everyone should try out.


Add hooks to the bathroom door

We’ve all been there; you go to take a shower or slip into a bath, and find that you’ve nowhere to put your clothes after you disrobe. Rather than leaving them in a pile on the floor, where they can easily get splashed and soggy, having a hook or two on the back of the door is a quick, cost-effective fix for this conundrum.

You can get hooks in all styles, designs and sizes, and screwing them into a wooden door is a breeze even for DIY novices. This is especially sensible if you’re struggling for storage in a new build and there’s no room for additional furniture in your bathroom.


Repaint tired-looking cabinets to unleash new life

You don’t need to rip out existing fittings to revive the look of a bathroom. A lick of paint will restore vigour to cabinetry and let you follow the latest trends, especially in high-traffic areas.

So if you’ve got cabinets that are looking long in the tooth, choose bathroom paint colours and get to work with a brush!


Fix your shower door seal

A dodgy door can leave water leaking all over the place, exacerbating damp issues, so investing in a shower seal if yours has gasped its last is a good shout.

Make sure to check the required specs before replacing the seal, including the dimensions, so you can buy the right product.


Don’t be afraid to mix up textures

When it comes to bathrooms, there’s a temptation to play it safe and stick to the same surfaces and materials throughout, which can leave a space looking a bit sterile and bland.

You can think outside the box and impress guests by experimenting with different textures in a number of ways. For example, ditch the plastic soap dish and replace it with a ceramic or even a wooden one; bamboo-based examples are all the rage right now, and are very sustainable.

You could even include a vintage rug, affordably sourced, which is worn enough to not be precious about, and different enough to stand out alongside all of the other smooth surfaces.


Swap your shower head

Showers are the most common way to get clean, and yet too many of us put up with a bog standard shower head, rather than exploring what else is on the market.

For example, you could get a spa-style head that has several different settings, and could even improve the water pressure you experience by forcing the flow through a smaller aperture.

You could also go for a waterfall-style head, which drenches you comprehensively and gives you a high-end experience at a bargain basement price point.


Adorn the walls with pictures or posters

Last of all, if your bathroom feels a bit unloved from a décor point of view, remember that it’s super fast and straightforward to hang pictures on the wall and integrate a bit of personality.

Match the vibe of the images you choose to the overall style of the space, and you’ll be laughing. Just remember that it’s easier to hang on plastered brick than on tile, because of the complexities of drilling into the latter, so think carefully about positioning.