Posted on 16th February 2022

4 Ways a Well-Maintained Garden Can Improve the Design of Your Property

Grassy garden with neat bushes and a loose gravel boarder

Nice landscaping gives your home not just prettier aesthetics but increases its value as well. Despite the fact it is a full-time job to maintain the good looks of your home, it will certainly give you the results you wanted. Maintaining your garden is not a brainer nowadays thanks to the Internet and all of the information available at the specialized websites. In order to make your life easier, here are some useful tips on how to take proper care of your garden. 


The Lawn 

A neat lawn will change the appearance of the entire household. Starting from mowing to edging, your lawn needs to be well-defined without problems typical for lawns. Patches in the lawn, for instance, can look quite bad, so consider getting grass turfs instead of planting grass seeds. This will give you instant results. On the other hand, you are not obliged to use real grass turfs, there are also artificial grass turfs that will give you almost the same results without problems like grassless spots, and patches made by your naughty pets. Whatever is your choice, make sure that your lawn has defined edges. This will give your lawn a restrained and tamed appearance. Creating defined edges is not so demanding, everything you will need is a sharp spade to cut a defined line between your line and path or fence. Alternatively, if you want your garden to stand out, you can use a physical barrier such as bricks, timber, or metal. 

Defining a lawn edge is just one step to a perfect lawn. If you have decided to make your perfect natural lawn, there are some things you should know about regular mowing, watering, and fertilization. Mowing your lawn at least once a week during the spring and summer seasons is a regular procedure for lawn maintenance, depending on the region and whether you will need to adjust mowing. The period of the day is also very important about mowing and it is recommended to mow your lawn in the early evening so that grass remains moisturized. 

Additionally, you should bear in mind to cut one-third of grass every time you mow. When it comes to watering, it is one of the most important factors and you should not water your lawn every day unless you are growing new seeds. It is smart to water your lawn two or three times a week. Speaking of fertilization, you can add fertilizer to your regular routine by using a high-quality lawn fertilizer and a lawn spreader. This will make your lawn greener and more vibrant.


Make Your Plants Work For You

Once you have decided on the theme you want to have in your yard then it is high time to switch to planning the next step, and it is the project realization. If you are in doubt about where to start, you can find a whole bunch of useful advice at Urban Organic Yield that will make your life easier on your journey of creating a perfect garden. In the earliest stages of your garden, you need to understand how you can make your plants work for you, and this can be performed in various ways. 

Plants can provide you with their fruits as vegetables and fruit do; flowers and bushes can make a beautiful scenery, and these can make your entire space smell beautifully due to aromas produced by flowers and plants. Besides this, plants can be used as a barrier to your property and give you some privacy. Plants will not only create a physical barrier to your property but can also reduce noise. Taller trees, bushes, and shrubs will block loud noises and will reduce wind impact. All the plants and well-maintained lawn will make your garden look neat.


Structure Your Plants

The easiest way before you start purchasing plants for your garden is to sketch how you would like your garden to look and start acting accordingly. Consider various visual patterns when you start selecting plants. Think of your garden as if it is made of layers. Start with the overhead layer and this will include tall trees and archways. Once you have decided on the top layer, you should move to the vertical lining and see which plants would be positioned here and the amount of space that will be put between the plants. General advice is that larger plants should be positioned behind some smaller plants. Lastly, there is also a ground where some smaller plants are usually picked as the right option. By repeating similar shapes and forms, you will create a unified and defined look for your garden.


Add Details 

Small details give your garden a special charm. Consider getting a small bench under the tallest tree for some romantic moments and making beautiful memories. If there are small areas planted with small flowers, you can define edges with some white stones. Garden ornaments like small figures, hanging vases, or fountains will only improve the aesthetics of your garden. 

You need to think about how these details will complement the atmosphere in your garden for creating a captivating landscape. Not only the appearance of the plants should be considered, think of the fragrances and details as well. By planting fragrant flowers, you will enhance your blooming flowers, but think how these fragrances will complement together. 


Taking care of the garden is a full-time job and demands your full devotion, but it is worth it. Your garden’s gorgeous landscape will not only make you happy but will also significantly raise the value of your home and offer you a pleasant and calm area to spend time with your family.