From time to time, homes require electrical repairs. Sometimes complex or straightforward. When you feel your head shower or a socket is faulty due to electrical wiring, you might think that the issue isn’t complex for you to handle. But this isn’t always the case. Electric repairs are great electrocution and fire hazard. Therefore, you must not attempt electric repairs at all costs if you aren’t experienced. Be our guest for a few minutes to learn more about why you shouldn’t DIY electrical repairs.


1. Fire Hazards

Electric mishandling results in over 51,000 home fires in the United States alone each year. It’s therefore correct to say that defective electric repairs are the greatest culprits for house fires. A decision to try to rectify electric issues yourself can be the beginning of potential trouble.

As a homeowner, you might have limited or no knowledge concerning electric works. That said, you’re more likely to leave naked or faulty wiring that could be the beginning of a fire hazard.

What makes electric fire hazards so unfortunate is that they can go unnoticed for quite a while. Therefore, you can do the repairs and assume all is well until the fire breaks out. That said, it’s advisable to hire professional electricians providing superior solutions and service, who are experienced, and understand what they’re doing to avoid putting your property at risk by trying to perform electrical repairs yourself.


2. Risk to You and Those Around

DIY electricity repairs don’t only put your well-being at risk but also those close to you. As earlier said, you might not understand how these repairs are done and what to do in the event of an electric mishandling. For instance, when handling electric work, you shouldn’t be standing on a concrete floor as it can increase your electrocution chances.

Also, if you’re electrocuted, your loved one might be tempted to give a helping hand, not knowing the electrical currents will also affect them. As a result, you both end up electrocuted and can lose your lives or sustain severe health conditions. That said, it’s not worth trying DIY electrical repairs if you aren’t experienced.


3. It’s Against the Law

Most people aren’t aware that electric connections are subjected to regular inspection. Governments set this law to ensure safe electricity usage. Therefore, deciding to handle electric repairs yourself might be against the law as far as this regulation is concerned.

While you may assume DIY electric repairs aren’t a big deal, they indeed are in the eyes of the law. Once the repairs fail to pass the inspection requirements, you might attract a hefty penalty that could hurt your bank account.

Additionally, avoid DIY electric repairs at all costs if you intend to sell or rent out your home. Immediately after you vacate, your home undergoes inspection for safety and assurance reasons. If the inspection determines that you have done illegal electric repairs, you’ll be in trouble concerning the extent of the repairs.

Instead of being on the wrong side of the law for attempting DIY electric repairs, it’s advisable to allow professionals to do what they do best. While you might think that doing some electrical work for yourself saves you money, it’s quite the opposite as you can pay more once you’re found guilty of breaking electrical work regulations.


4. Improper Tools For the Job

For safety reasons, electricians are equipped with lots of tools. From rubber gloves to testers, electricians use each tool required to complete the task safely. Besides having the correct tools, they are also trained how to use each efficiently. On the other hand, as a homeowner, you might have the required tools but fail to know how to use them effectively. Failure to know how each tool is used can result in accidents such as electrocution that might be fatal. Instead of gambling with your life over something you aren’t sure whether you can handle, why not allow professionals to do their job?



As a homeowner, there are some activities that you can DIY without risking your life. We can also agree that DIY activities are great for saving money. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t attempt to handle if you aren’t experienced, one of them being DIY electric repairs. As earlier said, electric hazards are the greatest culprit for home fires. Also, repairs that don’t pass the electrical work inspection can lead to hefty penalties. Regarding all the risks and penalties plus the effect you could be putting your home through trying to work on your electric issues, it’s best to hire a professional electrician to be on the safe side.