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Imvelo Ltd.

November 29, 2018

Imvelo Ltd.

Best Environmental Consultancy & Training Provider - North East England

Imvelo Ltd is a passionate and professional environmental consultancy that understands business needs, adding value at every opportunity through bespoke business support and training.

We provide expert advice on environmental management and legislation to keep our clients at the forefront of environmental compliance, best practice, resource efficiency and enhanced competitive advantage!

Our approach to environmental consultancy is developed specifically for recognised International Accreditation in line with ISO14001:2015, working with large organisations and SME’s, within both the public and private sector and across almost every industry.

Imvelo stands out because we link sustainability in business with environmental needs. So not only do we advise on direct environmental issues such as natural resource requirements and waste management, we also support with staff engagement, financial savings and business resilience planning.

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