Posted on 21st September 2022

What You Need to Start and Build a Suburban Farm

Living in the suburbs is fantastic for many reasons, mainly because you can do what you want with your property. There are laws, rules, and guidelines to follow, but you are free to build anything on your property. Every suburban dweller should consider starting a farm. You can grow food on a good-sized suburban plot and even raise animals.

One of the most important factors to consider when starting a suburban farm is what you will need. A farm is a very labour-intensive activity, so it would be best to get the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure the success of your farm. The following are several things you will need to start a suburban farm:

The Right Land

To start a farm in a suburban area, you will need the right piece of land. Not all land in suburban places is suitable for farming, so if you do not already have a piece of land, you should buy or lease the best piece of land possible. First, examine the soil to determine if it has the proper nutrients to make a farm prosper. You should also consider the area’s climate as it will significantly affect the farm’s produce. The land should be easy to work on and productive because, with the right land, everything else falls into place.

Farming Tools and Equipment

You will also require farming equipment to start a suburban farm. The equipment you need will depend on the land as you will need more equipment for a larger farm which is harder to prepare. If the farm is on rough terrain, you may require earth-moving equipment to clear space for the farm. A large farm will also require equipment like tractors and harvesters and regular farming equipment like hoes, shovels, plows, seeders, harrows, e.t.c. You will use the equipment as long as you have the farm, so it would be best to get the best quality farming tools.

Construction Equipment

A farm requires substantial construction for it to be complete. Therefore, construction equipment to build various structures for the farm will be necessary. You will need standard construction equipment like hammers, nails, screws, saws, etc.. If starting your farm on a small piece of suburban land, you will require various backyard structures to support the farm. These structures may include a shed to hold your farming equipment or a silo to store your produce. Post-frame construction buildings are the best option for farms. They are simple but strong structures and are very useful.

If you keep animals on the farm, you will also have to construct their living quarters. Poultry will require the smallest structures, and larger animals will require larger structures for which you need to plan when getting construction equipment. You may hire professional builders to do the construction for you, but it is always good to have construction equipment for repairs.


The importance of water on a farm cannot be understated. You will require plenty of water to start and run the farm, so you should consider how you will source and distribute the water on your farm. If you have underground water, constructing a well maybe your best option. You may have to install an irrigation system for water distribution. You will also have to consider creating a sewer system to remove all the waste from the farm, particularly if you have farm animals. Water storage tanks for the farm are a good idea as you cannot always depend on the rain.

You need many things to start a suburban farm. Water, construction equipment, farming tools & equipment, and suitable land are the tip of the iceberg. Remember to properly evaluate your land to determine what you will need, as pieces of land and farmers are different.