Streets are one of the most essential design aspects of any city. They allow people to get where they’re going, and when successfully constructed, take an urban area from just your average town to a bustling, lively metropolis.

Without streets, a city wouldn’t really be a city. It takes a lot of planning to create a flourishing city streetscape. This article will help you further understand what a streetscape is and why builders should care.


What Is a Streetscape?

If someone from another state or country were to visit a city, and there weren’t welcoming or easy-to-follow streets, they wouldn’t be inclined to come back. The streetscape of a city should welcome people in and lets them wander freely all day long.

Streetscape is the roadway and sidewalk design of an urban area and how it impacts residents’ and visitors’ lives. It involves both the natural and built elements of a street and recognizes that streets and sidewalks are the places where people engage with each other and engage in activities.

There are multiple factors to consider when designing a streetscape. Everything you see on a street or the sides of a road is included in the streetscape.

A designer must consider transportation, like boundaries for safe travel for pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle users. Additionally, the street signs should be clear and make it easy to navigate the city.

Aesthetics are also a large part of the design process of a streetscape. With thousands of people in cities, there need to be significant initiatives to make the space beautiful and inviting. This means a streetscape builder should consider lighting, seating options, green spaces and room for outdoor dining.  


Why Builders Should Care About Streetscaping

If builders didn’t care about streetscaping, people wouldn’t want to visit or live in the city. Streets are the lifeline for towns, and it’s crucial to capture city life in public spaces to ensure every user of the streetscape feels comfortable and that they belong there.

Here are some reasons why builders should care about streetscaping:


1. People Need a Place to Walk

Streets must be accessible for all people, whether they’re walking, biking or driving. Sidewalks offer a safe and comfortable place for users.

Often, people who live in cities have amenities within walking distance and may not even have access to a vehicle, so they need an aesthetically pleasing walkway. Plus, buildings are very close to one another, so there needs to be a place to walk to access them.


2. People Need a Place to Rest

In addition to making accessible walkways, people are going to need a place to rest. Since most cities rely on visitors and residents traveling by foot, builders need to implement benches and other street furniture. Pedestrians can better enjoy their experience when they can relax.


3. People Should Feel Comfortable

An aesthetically pleasing and accessible streetscape attracts more people. When streets are lined with plenty of lighting, signs, trash cans, bicycle racks and other amenities like green spaces, it will keep people coming back and keep the city safe and clean.


Successful Streetscapes Make for a Happening City

When builders and designers take time to craft a city’s streetscape carefully, they’re able to bring that city to life and ensure that everyone who lives there or visits enjoys their experience. With green transitions, safe sidewalks and navigable streets, the city can work and play better.