The right colour scheme for the children’s room

Until recently, children’s rooms were dominated by uniform and bright colours, such as pink, blue, or green. Currently, however, the focus is on much more subdued colours, which allow you to go a little more crazy with accessories, and are also conducive to the child while playing and learning. That is why interior designers recommend betting on minimalism – beige, white or grey, which can be broken with a colourful wallpaper and furniture with a distinct colour accent, such as pink wardrobe doors.

When choosing the colour of furniture for a children’s room, it is safest to choose classic, white furniture that will make the room very bright. However, this does not mean that there will be no other colours in the room! At you will find wardrobes, shelves and other children’s furniture that combine white with interesting colours such as pink, blue, or green!

What kind of furniture for a children’s room?

Although this question seems trivial, in practice it can involve many difficult choices. A desk cannot be missing in a children’s room – even the youngest kids should have a space to draw, paint and read. A comfortable chair with a matching backrest is also necessary. Wardrobes are also an inseparable element of a children’s room. It is worth picking a model that has enough shelves and drawers to store both everyday clothes and those winter and elegant ones!

A properly fitted bed with a comfortable mattress is also significant. For small children’s rooms, bunk beds are recommended (which are suitable not only for two, but also for one child) – they take up less space and allow you to better manage the space in the room!

What accessories for a children’s room?

There can be no shortage of storage space in the children’s room. Wardrobes work well as a place for clothes, while toys can be stored in separate containers or boxes. In the middle of the room, it is worth putting a large and soft rug, which will serve as a play space. It is also worth remembering to install blinds or buy blackout curtains, thanks to which the child will be able to sleep long and peacefully!