Having a beautiful lawn is one of the most desirable parts of the garden. It seems as if it is impossible to achieve a carpet-like lawn, but there are some hacks you can use in making your lawn a beautiful space. It can stay green and vibrant during the entire season if you care about it properly. Here are useful tips you can use in making your lawn lush and will make you proud of yourself.


1. Cutting 

Cutting is one of the most important parts of making your lawn look as it should. Regular cutting will thicken your grass and make it appear carpet-like. One of the best tips is to cut it often and little rather than all in one go. Another very useful piece of advice for grass cutting is when mowing to switch the directions instead of having your grass pressed in a single direction. If you are in doubt which mower is the most suitable for your lawn, then you can consult this helpful guide to the best petrol lawn mowers and choose the best one for your needs. Once you decide which mower is the best for your lawn, then you should adjust it to approximately two-thirds to five centimeters of the grass height. Viz, it is a good decision to leave your grass a bit longer during the summer season since it will withstand drought much better. 


Use Sharp Blade

To make sure that your lawn is cut evenly and properly, it is of great importance to use sharp and balanced blades on your mower. The risk of having a blunt blade is that it can cause some damages to the lawn such as unevenly cut and damaged grass, damages on the turfs, and ugly patches. Blunt blades may cause the tips of the grass to turn yellow. This may cause your lawn to appear sick and aesthetically problematic. However, do not be worried about the grass, it will grow out without any problems. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, do not use blunt blades. You should sharpen and balance your mower at least three times a year. Be careful while mowing. Do not mow over any stones and if you notice a problem with the blades, then you need to check if they should be sharpened or replaced.


2. Watering

If your aim is a lush and green lawn, then you need to water your lawn as often as possible. You will notice certain changes if your lawn needs water since it will have a gray-blue tint and the grass threads will start to curl up. Additionally, if your lawn is freshly planted, then you will need to water it at least once a day for the seeds to germinate. If the lawn is freshly planted, then you will need to use a proper fertilizer for the best results. Watering is not burdening anymore since there are numerous options you can use for watering your lawn such as sprinkles and smart watering systems. These smart systems are computer-controlled and will enable you to control the duration and intensity of the watering session. 


3. Fertilizer

For your grass to be green and vibrant, it is crucial to be properly fertilized. Grass cutting removes the fertilizer from the lawn which is highly needed for your grass constant growth. If you want your grass to always be glorious, then you will need to use the fertilizer every four to five weeks. There are special fertilizers composed specially for lawns such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus fertilizers. If you are in doubt of how much of the fertilizer is enough, then you need to carefully read the prescription on the package or consult the specialist in the agricultural store.


4. Weed

Another very important item on the list is how to get rid of weed. Weeds, because of the strength of the roots, are an absolute nightmare. Weeds such as white clover should be removed with the manual scarifier, which will disturb the plant and prevent further growth. Dandelions and daisies should be removed with the root weeder since they have immensely strong roots and are difficult to be removed. The root weeder will prevent further growth of the plants and will stop the regrowth. A less recommendable option, but sometimes highly needed, is the use of herbicides. However, you must be careful with this one since you can destroy your grass, having in mind that herbicides affect all the plants. In a case where weeds overpowered your grass, then you need to re-structure the entire soil and cover it with grass turfs. 


5. Repair Your Lawn

Autumn and spring are the best periods to look after your lawn. There are multiple ways to repair your lawn. If there are some patches that are particularly problematic, then you need to dig them out and re-seed your lawn or use premade grass turfs. This is mandatory if you want to maintain a gloriously even lawn. 


6. Top Tips

  • Mow at least twice a week.
  • Dig out weeds manually, avoid using herbicides.
  • Apply triple W rule: weed, water, and watch it grow.
  • Use fertilizer every four to five weeks.
  • Remove death spots and re-seed the patches. 


Taking care of the lawn is a full-time job, but you will be rewarded with some amazing results. You need to be devoted and to spot when your lawn needs some refreshment. By following some of the crucial pieces of advice, you will have amazing results.