Posted on 18th May 2021

Top Tools That Are Worth Your Investment To Make Your Yard Maintenance Easier

Gardening tools

If you want your garden to be the envy of the neighborhood this spring, you’ve got a lot of work to do. It takes time and effort to maintain the beauty of your garden, but most importantly, it needs specialized tools to achieve satisfactory results. If you start investing in your landscape using the wrong tools, you will end up paying a lot of money and struggling to find enough space to store them. However, getting the basic high-quality tools will make your yard work and cleanup easier at any time of the year. On that note, here are some necessary tools you need for your garden maintenance.



There are multiple gloves for different gardening tasks, so you should invest in several pairs. Gloves protect your hands from possible injuries; therefore, they need to be firm, durable and most importantly fit for your hands. The wrong fit can cause blisters or slip off resulting in accidents. Cotton and leather gloves are excellent for protecting your hands from injuries that can happen from sawing, shoveling, or pruning. Moreover, when working on thorny plants like roses, you need long gloves to protect your wrists and forearms. Invest in water-resistant yet breathable gloves to keep your hands dry and comfortable. Make sure you store them away from sunlight and water and keep them protected from bugs.



A true gardener should own a chainsaw to take care of some big yard work. A chainsaw comes in handy when dealing with large downed limbs or dead trees. Fallen tree limbs can block access to your home and become problematic to your neighbors too. When buying a chainsaw, ensure that its engine speed revs up to 2 to 2.5 HP and its blade is 16 inches long at least. Don’t overlook the necessary accessories, such as chain oil and safety gear. Additionally, always look for the best chainsaw bars to guarantee that it is durable and capable of performing hard work. The last thing you want is to pay for a cheap or low-quality chainsaw bar that snaps in a short period.


Garden Spade

Aside from having a shovel, you should honor your tool collection with a garden spade. Many people think that they’re alike and do the same job; however, a spade is designed differently to do various kinds of things in your yard. While a shovel is a perfect tool for moving piles of soil, a spade is ideal for digging holes for plants, moving mounds of dirt from one place to another, and working on soil amendments in your garden. A spade with a stainless-steel blade is usually the best option as it is strong and rust-resistant. Additionally, you can find spades with both long and short handles. Even though longer handles are heavier, they will provide you with more leverage.



A garden is a combination of various plants that differ in shape and size. Since you can work on big plants using bigger tools, you need a small tool in your shed to help you with small plants. Trowels are excellent tools for planting bulbs and seedlings. Their serrated edges on the sides make them ideal for cutting through small roots and other debris. Furthermore, a small trowel can dig out shallow-rooted grass. A trowel with a stainless-steel head is more durable and is likely to last longer, while a rubber-coated trowel is easier to hold. Before buying trowels, try to hold one in your hands and make sure it fits comfortably; it should neither be too big nor too heavy.



When you go shopping for a rake, you will find a variety of shapes and sizes. The best thing to start with is a standard leaf rake. The tines of a rake break up small clods of soil easily and collect small stones and debris simultaneously. Invest in adjustable rakes to do more than one job reaching into narrow corners or collecting large piles of leaves. Aluminum rakes tend to be lightweight, so they’re your best choice if you’re not comfortable using heavy steel rakes.

Investing in high-end gardening tools is crucial for taking care of your yard. Using good quality tools will ensure a healthy lawn and breathtaking plants and flowers. When you use the right tools, yard maintenance becomes a breeze. Stay focused on the basic landscaping tools without overcrowding your shed. Regardless of the size of your yard, you should splurge on quality tools that will make your garden the envy of the whole neighborhood.