A mirror can truly change the way that a room looks, giving it a whole new feel! We commonly decorate our personal spaces at home with mirrors but sometimes forget to pay attention to the office space. Picking out the perfect full length wall mirror for your office will open up the space entirely and make it a much more enjoyable space to work in! So, let’s explore the different options you have when looking to decorate your office space. 

Decorative Mirrors for Creative Wall Art Design:

mirror 2

Have you ever considered using decorative mirrors to add some flare to your office? Work should be a place where you feel inspired so that you can truly enjoy working each and every day!

Add some dimension to your space with a full-length mirror! Its unique design is sure to bring out your creative side, as you play around with the placement and use some decor to achieve the look you want.  

If a round mirror won’t work with your current space, maybe something more rectangular would fit best! The L’Artiste mirror by Fab Glass and Mirror provides an exclusive look you won’t find elsewhere that is sure to leave a lasting impression upon clients and colleagues alike. It’s easy to put together and can work with a variety of styles. 

Full Length Wall Mirror for Bathroom:


The bathroom is another office space where a mirror is needed! It wouldn’t feel right to walk into a bathroom and have no place to make sure your shirt is tucked in properly or your skirt is sitting right!

Since office bathrooms are designed in a way where there are several small enclosed areas allocated for commodes and a unique area for handwashing, it’s common to have a horizontal mirror stretched across the handwashing space. 

An office bathroom is a perfect spot to place a full length mirror, as it will open up the room and create a new perspective within the space. These kinds of mirrors could also be placed on the wall of an entrance door in the office building, providing a place for people to ensure they’re in proper attire for the workday! 

LED Vanity Mirrors:

Vanity mirrors have become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially LED mirrors. While they make for an excellent addition to your home bathroom, they can also be useful in an office setting. 

Women put a lot of effort into looking professional at work and regularly keep makeup on hand to touch up throughout the day. Installing a LED bathroom vanity mirrors in the women’s office will provide a place all women can use to check in before an important meeting. It will also add a luxurious feel to the office as a whole and a sanctuary when you need to step away from your desk. 

Frameless Mirrored Cabinets for CEO’s Bathroom:


Of course, we can’t forget about the CEO’s office! CEO’s put an unimaginable amount of time into their work and sometimes even sleep at the office, which is why they need a proper space to organize themselves for the next day! 

There’s no better place for a luxury bathroom LED mirror cabinet than in the CEO’s bathroom. The cabinet will offer a place to store bathroom essentials they may find themselves needing after a long day at work. It will also come in handy before grabbing drinks with a prospective client after work hours. 

The CEO deserves a little extravagance every once in a while! 

Other Reasons to Incorporate Mirrors in the Office:


If you’re still on the fence about whether or not your office space could benefit from adding mirrors, consider the illusion it creates. Small offices appear much larger when there is a full-length wall mirror. Opening up space with mirrors gives the office a more expensive feel, leaving clients with an excellent first impression. 

Placing mirrors in common spaces will also allow people to touch up their appearance so that they don’t run into an important client meeting with a coffee stain on their shirt! 

Where to Buy Good Quality Mirrors That Serve Different Purposes in an Office?

Finding quality mirrors that can serve different purposes in an office can be a challenge. Fab Glass and Mirror understands your need for top-quality mirrors that can be used in various spaces. Best of all, they can be delivered right to your doorstep, free of charge within the USA! From a full length wall mirror to decorative mirrors, LED mirrors, and more, your options are endless. Pick out the mirror of your dreams today and allow your office to come to life!