Finding and keeping top-notch employees helps companies grow. Of course, it requires a lot of time and effort to recruit and teach new hires. If people constantly leave without investing much time into a brand, the business suffers from a lack of knowledgeable workers and loses time to training.

Keeping construction workers already hired means time can be spent on retaining customers and seeking new leads. What are some strategies home building companies can try to find top talent and keep it?


1. Engage Employees

Imagine doing the same task day in and day out without much change. Anyone can grow bored when things grow too stagnant. Ensure employees remain engaged by cross-training them for other roles. Send them for specialized training they don’t yet have.

Engagement can mean many things, depending on what your organization is able to offer and what workers respond to most. Some ideas? Hold team events and pay them for their time. Figure out ways to let them offer feedback on the things that make their jobs better. Ask what the company can do to keep them there.


2. Invest in Training

It’s easy to overlook training for technicians and other skilled trades, but doing so keeps employees engaged and shows them their employer cares enough to spend time and money on their training. Some leave jobs that don’t give them opportunities.

People want to know they have room for growth in their current company. Otherwise, they may leave for a better paying position or one where they can move into management. Don’t be afraid to train people up because they might leave. They also might stay, and then the company gains someone with even more specialized knowledge.


3. Pay Well

One reason some workers leave a company is to seek out higher pay. The cost of living rises consistently, so if wages don’t keep up, even the most loyal workers might look for another position. Pay transparency and metrics-based, predictable raises will help even smaller builders retain their workers over time.

It’s true that smaller corporations have a hard time competing with the benefits and wages of larger ones. Look for ways to cut costs and retain top talent. Give regular raises and invest in employees as a way of seeing profits in the long term.


4. Offer Perks

When a brand can’t afford to pay more or ramp up benefits, they can look to creative perks to fill the gap. Let workers choose a four-day schedule, offer free lunches, or give them other little things bigger companies can’t offer.

Look at the staff like a family. What would one do for family members under similar circumstances? Can schedules be shared when a sick family member at home needs help from an employee? Allow workers to present solutions they think might work.


5. Make Safety a Top Priority

A building company can pay top rates, but if they don’t make safety a top priority, they’ll lose skilled workers to businesses that will. No one wants to put their life on the line for a few extra dollars. Show workers the company cares about their well-being by taking the extra steps needed to prevent injury and death.

Construction is one of the most accident-prone industries, so ensuring safety compliance is crucial to protecting workers and keeping them on the team. Fortunately, building strong training programs and a culture of safety can spot potential dangers and fix them before a catastrophe occurs.


6. Improve Communication

Project managers sometimes do a great job explaining daily work schedules, while others just shout at their workers and don’t give enough detail. Pay careful attention to the attitudes of your leaders. If they berate the crew, those people will look for other jobs with your competitors.

Send managers to leadership training. Have a company policy about morning meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. Allow employees a grievance process in the event that someone treats them unfairly.


7. Create a Company Culture

Who doesn’t enjoy working toward building something amazing? When companies share their vision with their employees, everyone gets on the same page. However, company culture is a two-way street. Businesses must also show workers where the benefit is for them.

Reward effort and success with recognition, bonuses, and accolades. The stronger a company culture is, the more likely staff will stay. Make it a fun place to work.


8. Get Feedback From Workers

Brands that want employees to feel truly engaged take their advice and feedback. Keep in mind, skilled workers may have been in the industry for decades and have knowledge no one else has. Staff members who are newer to the industry may have input from being on the job daily.

When everyone has a say in decision-making, more are happier with the resulting choices. They feel empowered and as though they’re part of growing the brand.


Worker Retention Strategies for Home Builders

Companies everywhere battle to keep employees and fill empty positions. The brands succeeding at recruiting and retaining workers think a bit outside the box. They make sure everyone has what they need and exceed staff expectations. It isn’t overly difficult; just treat workers well.


By Evelyn Long, Editor-in-Chief of Renovated.