• Feature lighting, health and wellbeing stations and leisure spaces all essential for 2023’s workspaces
  • Move from ‘of**ce’ to ‘workspace’ reflects focus on supporting happy teams
  • Other 2023 trends range from greenery to under-desk dog beds


Commercial design and build fit out company Thirdway have shared insights into the hottest workplace trends for 2023. The firm is passionate about redefining the workplace to support teams’ creativity, happiness, and wellbeing. Their goal is to throw out the outdated concept of the of**ce as a place to simply sit and work, and instead design workspaces that promote engagement, collaboration, cultural inclusivity, and productivity.

This shift from of**ce to workspace is a message that resonates with companies across the UK, as these 2023 trends reveal:


1. Mood-matching lighting

Gone are tasteless troffers and glaring strip lights. 2023’s workplace lighting is all about mood, with the Thirdway team seeing an increase in clients using feature lighting to create a particular ambience in different areas. From warm spots with glowing metallic surrounds to daylight ceiling lights, companies are matching lighting to the moods they want to create. All, of course, with a focus on sustainable materials and minimal energy consumption.


2. Health & wellbeing stations

Clients now regularly ask Thirdway for advice and guidance in delivering mothers’ rooms, non-denominational prayer rooms and wellness rooms, to support a diverse workforce.

Mothers’ rooms provide a private, calm space in which mothers can feed or pump milk. The room is dedicated solely to these purposes and comes with everything that’s needed – a comfortable chair, sink, fridge, power outlets and lockable door.

Prayer rooms also need to provide comfortable seating and a sink, as well as accessible floor space, storage space, adjustable lighting and signs showing north, south, east, west and southeast. They should be large enough to accommodate at least two people and be non-denominational, to be accessible to people of all faiths, as well as those of no faith or employees who simply want to contemplate or rest.

Wellness rooms also serve those looking for rest, including employees with disabilities, for whom employers should take reasonable steps to ensure access to all workplace areas.

“Companies are increasingly aware of the myriad benefits of engaging a diverse workforce and ensuring they feel welcomed and included. As we head into 2023, we are seeing this evidenced by increased demand for a range of health and wellbeing spaces within the workplace.” Thirdway


3. Leisure spaces

With mental wellbeing firmly in mind, Thirdway is supporting several clients to include fun, social spaces in their workplaces. These range from larger breakout areas with wine/beer fridges to peaceful library areas and dedicated spaces for watching major sporting events, news highlights and more.


4. Green takes centre stage

In terms of colour, 2023 is all about green and nature is coming into the workplace in a big way over the year ahead. Krylon’s 2023 colour of the year is the rich, deep green of Spanish Moss, Glidden’s is Vining Ivy, which blends blue and green tones, while Valspar’s mid-green Flora exudes a sense of wellness and sophistication. Plants of all shapes and sizes will further the emphasis on green and greenery over the year ahead, while also supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace. An example of this can be seen in a Thirdway project currently underway in Manchester which features rooftop beehives and living moss walls across the space.


5. Pets at work

20% of Thirdway’s clients now take their dogs to work. As such, dedicated dog spaces such as under-desk dog beds are going to be big business in 2023, as companies seek to accommodate a growing cohort of furry team members.

“Pets can work wonders when it comes to improving both mental and physical wellbeing. Employers are taking this on board and accepting that, for some team members, having their pet in the workspace will support them to be at their happiest and most productive. This is leading to a range of exciting design solutions when it comes to the future of the workspace in 2023 and beyond.” Rob Walsh, Creative Director, Thirdway