Zero Carbon Hub has announced it will cease operations on 31 March 2016.

The Hub was established as a public/private body in 2008 to help translate the then Government’s target for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016 into practicable regulation, and to remove the barriers to its implementation. Over the past eight years the Hub has supported the new homes’ industry in the delivery of the zero carbon homes’ programme and overseen the successful introduction of higher energy efficiency standards.

Following the decision by the Government not to pursue the zero carbon target at this time, industry funding has been withdrawn.

Paul King, Chair of Zero Carbon Hub Board said, “Zero Carbon Hub has been remarkably successful in bringing together a wide spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in the world-leading zero carbon target across public, private and third sectors. It has been a model of collaboration between industry and government, helping translate policy aspiration into reality. I would like to thank the many individuals and organisations who have supported us on this remarkable journey and their commitment to improving the quality of new homes.’

Neil Jefferson, Zero Carbon Hub Chief Executive said, “I am extremely proud of what Zero Carbon Hub has achieved in the past eight years and very grateful for the hard work of its dedicated staff. Since we embarked upon this journey, the industry has come a very long way and Zero Carbon Hub has made a significant contribution by engaging government, industry and consumer interests and successfully translating policy ambitions into practicable standards and guidance.”