After a construction project is completed, there will always be a huge mess left behind to clean. A pressure washer is an essential tool that can make the cleanup process more efficient and quicker.

Upon the completion of a construction project, it is vital to do a meticulous inspection of the job site. Doing this final step will ensure that everything is safe, organized, and clean. Since construction sites leave a big mess behind, one of the things usually included in a post-construction cleaning checklist is pressure washing.

Cleaning and pressure washing the site before you move in will create an excellent first impression on your guests. But cleaning a construction site is more demanding. Hence, it is a must to use a pressure washer that’s mobile, durable, and highly rated which you can choose by reading this.

These machines even allow you to equip them with other tools so that you can take care of heavier cleaning jobs easily. With the right tool for the job, you will be able to save on labor costs as well as equipment replacement.


Post Construction Cleaning Process

The cleanup process comes after the entire construction job has been completed. The cleanup process usually includes these stages:


Rough cleaning

This stage includes removing excess material, debris, trash, and all other materials no longer needed, creating a blank canvas you can work with. In rough cleaning, various stickers from windows and glass doors are also removed. Moreover, it includes getting rid of loose dirt and dust through general sweeping and vacuuming.


Proper cleaning

Most of the work is done at this stage, which involves extensive cleaning. Often, it will require utilizing tools and heavy equipment to clean floors, walls, windows, sinks, toilets, cabinets, and so on. This is where the inner surfaces, edges, and corners of your property get extra attention, Moreover, it includes vacuuming of upholstery and carpets. If necessary, steam them.

This is the phase where a pressure washer comes in. If you have new brick surfaces or concrete, it is advisable to use a machine with a 2,500 PSI along with a cleaning solution and a 25-degree nozzle. Meanwhile, you can clean stone, stucco, vinyl, wood, and other surfaces with soft washing. You only need to use lower pressure on these materials but with extra cleaning solutions.


Touchup cleaning

The last and final stage in post-construction cleaning happens several days after finishing the proper cleaning phase. The reason for that is to get rid of all the dirt and dust particles that may still be settling on surfaces. Furthermore, touchup cleaning includes eliminating smudges and fingerprints on surfaces, particularly on glasses. This will ensure your space does not have any imperfections.


Benefits Of Pressure Washing In Post-Construction Cleanup


Efficient and thorough cleaning

With pressure washing, you will be able to remove dirt, dust, and any filth leftover by the contractor on your property. It can effectively clean all surfaces, including ceiling and floors. Moreover, exterior walls washing is made simple and quicker by a pressure washer.


Faster cleaning

On average, the cleanup process will take around 2 to 8 hours depending on the size of your property. That means you’ll be able to move in and settle down in your new home right on schedule and with less hassle.


Prevents damage

Allowing grime or stains to sit on the surfaces of your home for too long can cause permanent damage. Mold feeds on finishes and paint. If you leave these unchecked on concrete coatings and painted surfaces, it will usually result in mold due to moisture, especially during the winter. Therefore, it is a must to remove them.

Crevices are the most susceptible to grime, algae, and dirt buildup. On the other hand, mold and mildew flourish in shaded spots. Likewise, if you don’t take care of them properly, they can grow over time.


Cost-effective method

Cleaning a large space manually will take plenty of effort and time on your part. Meanwhile, hiring a professional to do the job tends to be expensive. But if you pressure wash, you’ll be able to avoid undesirable labor and cleaning expenses. You can use the time you’ll save on more important post-construction concerns.


Protects the health of your family

Construction sites accumulate a massive amount of dust. Not only will this affect the appearance of your home, but the health of your family as well. Aside from this, all the grime and filth left over from the construction can be also dangerous. Pressure washing can remove these with ease and can help prevent you, your family, and even your pets from getting sick.


How To Get The Best Results

Careful planning and scheduling are necessary for post-construction cleaning. However, you will not be able to do it properly without using the best pressure washer you can get your hands on.

To  get the best possible results, here are what industry experts suggest:


Know which type of pressure washer you need

The pressure generated by a pressure washer is measured in PSI. When cleaning a construction site, you need a unit that offers more power. A gas-powered washer is impressive at removing grease, tough deposits left behind by construction equipment, and clumps of mud that have hardened.


Set up your machine properly

During the setup of your pressure washer, it is vital to consult the owner’s manual to ensure everything is attached to the proper place. What’s more, you have to ensure that the coupler attached to the garden hose is secure and all connections are leakproof and tight. You also have to set the spray gun with care and check that it is correctly locked in place.

Enhancing the cleaning power of your pressure washer

Make sure that the pressure washer you choose is equipped with advanced features and technologies. This can make a massive difference in its cleaning efficiency and power. For post-construction cleaning and other heavy-duty jobs, it is better to do it using a heated pressure washer. Keep in mind that hot water dissolves and dislodge even the most difficult grease and oil deposits easily.


Additional tips

  • You must carefully choose both the pressure and temperature levels of your pressure washer to make it suitable for your cleaning needs.
  • Before starting your post-construction cleanup, make sure you are well acquainted with how your machine works to avoid any untoward incidents.
  • To achieve the best results, opt for a unit only from a trusted brand that has a proven track record.