Posted on 23rd August 2023

The Easiest Houseplants For Beginners

House plants

Are you constantly struggling to keep houseplants alive? Perhaps you’re new to owning houseplants and looking for something simple to start off with. If any of these sound like you, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

Houseplant and gardening expert Fiona Jenkins at has compiled this list of the easiest houseplants for beginners. In this list, you’ll find a range of houseplants in all different shapes and sizes – perfect for bringing a bit of variety to any space. Take a look at Fiona’s list below and bring some nature and greenery into your home today!


Snake Plant

Snake plants are very easy to care for and the perfect option for people who are new to caring for houseplants. Snake plants can survive in most light conditions – just don’t keep them in complete darkness or extreme direct sunlight.

Watering a snake plant is very easy. Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. If you’re someone who often forgets to water plants, don’t worry. Snake plants are quite forgiving and won’t suffer too much from a lack of water. Just make sure to check the soil whenever you remember and top it up with water if the soil is dry.

You can keep a snake plant looking beautifully fresh easily by simply wiping any dust off the leaves. You only need to do this every now and again when you notice a dust build-up.


Devil’s Envy

Devil’s Envy is often sometimes known as Golden Pothos, Hunter’s Robe, or Ceylon Creeper. This is one of the most popular houseplants among people wanting to bring a bit of greenery into their homes.

This plant can quite happily live in darkness and shaded areas, so it’s perfect for an indoor plant. It makes a great climbing or hanging plant.

This plant is quick to grow and tolerant of all lighting conditions. However, it will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. You can easily tell when this plant needs a drink as the leaves will begin to curl. 


Silver Vine

The silver vine is growing in popularity as a houseplant. Again, this is a brilliant climbing or hanging plant for beginners.

Although it is mostly accustomed to warmer climates, this plant can also cope well in cooler homes. The speckled leaves on this plant are unique and bring a lot of beauty.

Similar to the Devil’s Envy plant, Silver Vines will also tell you when they are thirsty as the leaves will begin to curl. This makes it an easy choice for people who may not remember when to water their plants.


Corn Plant

Corn plants, also known as Dracaena Fragrans, can grow very tall in the wild. However, you won’t need to worry too much about it growing out of control when it’s in a pot in your home.

This plant is very easy to grow and is also considered to be a symbol of reason and good fortune.

Similar to a Snake plant, simply allow the soil to dry out before watering this plant. If anything is wrong with the plant, it will let you know in plenty of time. However, these plants are pretty hardy, and it’s rare for any issues to occur. To keep the plant looking beautiful and fresh, give the leaves a wipe every now and again.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants and other succulents are perfect for people who are new to caring for houseplants. These plants are fine if you forget to water them and can usually withstand neglect.

The Aloe Vera plant is also very useful. The gel that oozes from the leaves is great for soothing and healing minor burns and cuts.

Aloe Vera plants are quite hardy but are best placed in an area of indirect sunlight to prevent them from becoming scorched.