Posted on 13th August 2021

The 4 Most Common Roof Problems And How To Fix Them

Grey roof tiles

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. It keeps everything dry, protects against the weather, and helps to insulate. Roofs can last for decades if they are maintained properly, but many roof problems creep up on homeowners without them realizing it until it’s too late. In this article, you will learn 4 common roof problems and how to fix them!


The Roof Is Leaking

A leaky roof is the most common roof problem. The leak is usually caused by water damage to the roof membrane or flashing, and it can also be due to a leak in an external wall that allows moisture into your house. Inspect any leaks around window frames, chimneys, vents, or skylights for signs of deterioration before replacing these items as they will continue leaking until you fix them.

Avoid using sealant on this type of leak since it won’t fix anything. Only use sealants where there are penetrations such as vent pipes and flashings which allow rainwater through your roof system without going inside your home. This way, your roof will be watertight.

Fix any leaky roof membranes and flashings using asphalt-based products that are resistant to water penetration if your home has sloped roofs without eaves (a metal fascia board that covers the edge of an exterior wall) and you can’t find where the roof is leaking from. Seal all penetrations such as vents, pipes, and skylights with a high-quality silicone sealant like Sikaflex 221 or PL Premium so rainwater doesn’t get inside your house when it rains. 


Shingles Are Missing

Missing shingles are a very serious roof problem. The fix is to replace the missing shingles with new ones. This will close up any openings on your roof and keep water from leaking in unnecessarily. First, use a metal or wood plank to remove all of the old nails that are sticking out. You can also pry off any pieces of plywood that have delaminated as well (although this may not be necessary if they’re just cracked).  

Next, find replacement shingles for those you removed and place them overtop where appropriate so no gaps remain: they should overlap by about an inch when laid down correctly. Do this one row at a time until complete, then move onto the next open spot/row until it’s all repaired.

Once your roof is all fixed, it’s time to check for other problems on the roof and fix those as well: missing shingles may just be a sign of more serious issues that need repair. This is a hard and serious repair so you should find an experienced Pittsburgh roofer to do the job for you. If you do this, there is no way there will be further damage because the people you hired are up to the task and will do everything in their power to keep your roof in good condition. 


The Roof Needs To Be Re-Shingled

Loose shingles are also a common roof problem. The fix is to re-shingle the shingles, which means removing all of them and replacing them with new ones on top. If you’re not sure where or how to start this project, hire a contractor who specializes in roof replacement projects for assistance. 

Re-shingling is a large expense, but if you fix the loose shingles early, it can save you money in the long run. That is why this fix is one of the most common roof problems. Remember that all these projects need to be done as soon as possible because of the potential for serious damage.

Equipment Needed: Hammer, nails, roofing tar paper, rubber mallet, or a small hammer to help remove old shingles and fix loose ones. 

Tools Required: Ladder with a safety harness (for re-shingling), Rubber Mallet (to fix loose shingles) 

The Materials you’ll need are new shingle squares that will match your current roof color or style, a roof repair adhesive tape measure rope, or cord paper towels.


There’s Mold On Your Roof

Mold can accumulate often and needs to be removed because mold spores can be dangerous to your health. You should have the mold removed as soon as you notice it because it grows in moist, dark spaces and is often found on roofs.

To fix this problem, remove all of the molds by scrubbing or scraping off with a flat object such as a putty knife or scraper if necessary. If there’s drywall where the mold was located, also replace any parts that were damaged during removal. You might need an expert for more complicated roofing problems like water leaks so consider hiring someone who knows what they’re doing! 

Now you know what to look out for most when you’re checking your roof. Remember that all of these fixes are better off when they are left to professionals so consider that option. If you make a mistake the damage could be bigger, but once someone who is an expert on the matter arrives, you’ll have no worries. Good luck fixing your roof.