Posted on 13th September 2022

Sustainable Ways to Thoroughly Clean & Maintain Your House

As it is known to us all, it is of the greatest importance to take care of our home hygiene. However, with some critical issues in today’s world, such as pollution, we need to take care of what type of cleaning products we need to use to do the process of deep cleaning more sustainably and efficiently. The point is that people usually have prejudices about sustainable cleaning products since they assume these products are not strong enough to give a deep clean. But just as we said, these are just prejudices. For instance, DIY cleaning products such as lemon and baking soda paste will give you unbelievable results and have your surfaces literally glistening. So, we have prepared amazing and sustainable ways you can use to thoroughly deep clean your home. 

Mix Your Green Cleaner 

As we have mentioned, you can use a couple of things you already have in your home, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and some more, to get amazing cleaning products. For example, a half cup of baking soda and salt mixed with the same amount of water makes a great cleaning paste for your oven. The only thing you should do is mix the ingredients until you get a spreadable paste, spread it in the oven, and leave it overnight. Once time is up, you should just wipe it clean. You will be surprised at how shiny your oven will be after this procedure. Another thing you can do is mix one gallon of water with a cup of baking soda combined with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. This miracle water is a great green mixture for your kitchen and bathroom floors. We usually struggle when it comes to cleaning our fridge. But worry not. All you need to do is to mix one part of baking soda with seven parts of hot water. Clean your fridge and repeat the procedure every 3 to 4 months. You can be sure your fridge will be clean and fresh through this period.

Proactive Cleaning: Benefits

Proactive cleaning prevents small issues from becoming great problems. However, the problem with today’s world is the constant hustle that can make us neglect the hygiene of our homes. If this is the case with you, then an efficient way of having your home cleaned is to call in a thorough house cleaning service that provides you with the top service and helps you maintain the shine of your home. On the other hand, if you can manage to give your house an occasional deep cleaning, one of the main benefits will include germ elimination. Pests won’t bother you. You won’t feel overwhelmed and agitated in a crowded environment, and your home’s air quality will be greatly improved, making it much less likely that allergens will spread. This will also enhance your safety and your home’s overall well-being.

Look for Sustainable Cleaners 

Luckily, because of more widespread eco-awareness, there are a whole variety of different cleaners you can find on the market to satisfy your green foot. Namely, you can get yourself those sustainable cleaners that are zero-waster. This means that the product you get in the bottle will not do any harm to the environment and that the bottle itself is reusable, compostable, and recyclable. There are some criteria you should bear in mind when choosing this cleaner. You should look for a cleaner that is non-toxic and whose package is recyclable. In addition, you can make your own cleaning products that you can pour into a recyclable bottle. It is essential to opt for natural cleaning products that contain plant-based, baking soda, organic cleaners, lemon, vinegar, and some types of essential oils. 

Try Repurposing Your Household Items 

If you want to make your home more sustainable, then repurposing your items for something else is a shortcut to it. For instance, instead of throwing away your old toothbrush, you can use it to scrub those awkward and hard-to-reach areas. A pile of old newspapers can be repurposed into a towel for lint cleaning or a streak-free glass wipe. Do not waste the coffee grounds. When combined with a sustainable cleaner, they will make a perfect combo for counter scrubbing. 

There are various ways you can use all you’ve got in your home to sustainably deep clean it. However, if you are tight with your time, it is much better to call in the cleaning professionals and maintain your cleaning routine. Proactive cleaning and keeping your home hygiene high are of the utmost importance to maintaining your own wellness.