Property Value

Upgrading your home and trying to increase its value can be very expensive and time-consuming. However, there are some simple things that you can do to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank and without taking up a hefty amount of time. From updating internal doors to adding hidden storage to completing some work in the garden, there are many small things that you can do that can add thousands to the value of your home.

The experts at have teamed up with various interior designers and property experts to create this list of the best ways to quickly boost the value of your home within a day. Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market soon or just simply looking for some ways to quickly boost your property’s value, these tips will provide you with everything you need to know. Take a look at the list below.


Add Some Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is one of the best ways to help you maximise the space in your home and keep your home clutter-free. “Investing in hidden storage options such as built-in shelves or under-stair cabinets can significantly increase the value of your home. Not only do they make your space look more organised, but they also give the illusion of a larger living area,” says Raf Michalowski, interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture.

“Make use of every nook and corner by incorporating creative storage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing”, Michalowsi continues. “You can also add storage in unexpected places like under the bed or behind a bookshelf, making it a unique selling point for your home.” The less clutter you have lying around your home, the more attractive it will appear. This means that less clutter will make your home more appealing to potential buyers.


Upgrade the Lighting

“Lighting plays a big role in setting the mood of a space,” says Zev Freidus, house interior specialist and founder of ZFC Real Estate. Freidus suggests incorporating colour-changing smart lights into the home to create a striking ambience and a touch of luxury. “Adding that colour-changing lights can help make your home feel more upscale. You can also use these lights to highlight unique architectural features or artwork in your home, making them stand out and adding value,” Freidus adds.

Miguel Camperos, VP of Operations at SunVara, also agrees that lighting plays an important role in boosting the value of your home. “One easy project that can boost your home value within a day is replacing all of your regular light bulbs with LED bulbs. LED bulbs have so many benefits that make them a much higher quality lightbulb – they last longer, work better in cold conditions, and are more energy efficient,” Camperos confirms.

Experts suggest that LED lighting can increase your home’s value by around 1-3%. “Overall, they are far more sustainable and require fewer replacements over time, so if you replace all your home’s lights with LED bulbs, that makes the whole property more energy efficient”, Camperos adds.


Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is extremely important if you’re planning on selling your home. When prospective buyers approach your home, the exterior is the first thing they will see, and this will provide them with the first impression of your property, so it’s important to ensure that your property looks great from the kerb. “I have found that simple changes like installing more stylish and visible house numbers or painting your front door can instantly generate more kerb appeal and, therefore, value”, explains Andre Kazimierski, property expert and founder of Improovy.

Several other experts also agree that Kerb’s appeal is something that should not be overlooked if you want to increase your home’s value. “Plant flowers, make sure the lawn is manicured, upgrade your front door with a fresh coat of stain or paint, and your home will easily become more desirable with minimal work”, suggests Todd Saunders, CEO of FlooringStores.

Home expert Greg Gaudet at Maui Home Buyers suggests cleaning the roof to improve your home’s kerb appeal. “I recommend pressure washing your roof. We see older homes listed for sale all the time with dark, mouldy spots on the roof. This can quickly and easily be eliminated by simply pressure washing the roof, which may not exactly add to the life of the roof, but it certainly improves the perceived condition and value of the home as a whole.”


Give Your Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

“A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in the appearance and appeal of your home,” says Tom Hilger, remodelling designer and consultant for Deluxe Plumbers. “. You can choose a neutral colour that suits most buyers or a bold colour that adds some personality and charm. Painting your walls can increase the value of your home by up to 3%, and it can take as little as a few hours to complete,” Hilger continues.

Over time, walls can easily become scuffed and marked, making them look less appealing. You may not even notice it after living with it for a while. A fresh coat of paint will make your walls look brand new, making your home’s interior much more appealing to potential buyers.


Replace Old Doors

Another quick renovation is replacing old, worn-out doors. “Whether it’s the front door, interior doors, or even closet doors, new doors can significantly upgrade a home’s appearance.” Says Aaron Green, home improvements expert and owner of Essential Home & Garden.

If you’re updating the front door, this can do wonders in improving your home’s kerb appeal. Just make sure you choose a front door that matches well with the rest of the exterior of your property. If you are updating internal doors, it’s best to choose doors that match throughout for a more aesthetically pleasing interior. Again, choose doors that match well with your interior design.

“The cost for this renovation can vary widely depending on the number of doors and the type of doors chosen, but it can potentially add thousands to your home’s value”, Green explains.


Spruce Up the Garden

“If you want your home to make a good first impression, start with the landscaping,” says Ryan Farley, CEO of LawnStarter. “If it’s been a while since you had your lawn properly edged, trimmed, and weeded, paying for some quality lawn care and landscaping services can make your home look like new, especially if they also tackle tasks like pruning trees and shrubs, getting weeds out of cracks, and cutting back garden plants.”

If you would prefer to take care of your garden yourself, this is entirely possible. Simply get to work on mowing the lawn, cutting back shrubs and trees and making everything look neat and tidy. However, Farley does suggest, “Even if you don’t regularly pay for lawn services, consider splurging before selling your home or when you’re going to be doing some entertaining.” That way, you can ensure the job is completed perfectly. Plus, it frees up some time for you to crack on with other jobs that may need doing.


Take Some Time to Clean and Declutter

“A cluttered home can be a major turn-off for potential buyers”, says Jennifer Spinelli, interiors expert at Watson Buys. Spinelli suggests that you; “Take some time to declutter and organise your home, getting rid of any unnecessary items and creating a more spacious and inviting atmosphere.” As mentioned earlier, it’s a great idea to invest in some smart storage solutions. This will allow you to clear away anything that makes your home look cluttered, making it appear more appealing to potential buyers.

Similarly, it’s important to ensure your home is clean before anyone comes to view your property. When people come to view your property, they will picture themselves living in it. Nobody wants to picture themselves in a dirty home. “A deep clean can make your home feel newer and more inviting.” Says Brad Smith, interior design expert and CEO of Omni Home Ideas. “A clean and clutter-free home can increase its perceived value by 3-5%.” Plus, cleaning and decluttering your home is something that can be done in just a few hours, depending on how large or messy your home is.


Refresh Your Floors

“Installing new floors can be costly and time-consuming, but refinishing your existing hardwood or tile floors can make a dramatic impact in just a day”, says Zach Dannett, interiors expert and co-founder of Tumble Living.

If you have carpets, consider renting a commercial carpet cleaning machine to give your carpets a complete refresh. This will leave your carpets looking brand new. For tiled floors, consider spending some time mopping them with a floor cleaner designed to lift stains.

If you have wooden floors, you can easily make these look brand new again. “Renting a floor sander and applying new stain and sealant can update worn floors”, Dannett explains. Updating your floors can potentially add thousands to the value of your home, and this is something that can be completed in just a few hours, depending on the size of your home.  


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to update your home and give it a quick value boost within a day. If you complete one of these tasks each day over the course of a week, you could potentially add thousands and thousands to the value of your home without too much effort or expense. The more of these you can complete before potential buyers come to view your property, the more likely you are to make a sale at a higher price.