Violating the law is a serious offense, but being careless with your property can have just as grave consequences. Whether it’s leaving your laptop on the train or forgetting to lock up when you go out for errands, if you’re not careful, your belongings are at risk of being stolen. Here are some simple ways to protect yourself from theft without having to worry about being too cautious.


1) Consider Installing Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is the best way to stay vigilant while keeping your assets protected, while also keeping an eye on your property when you’re not around.  There are many options on the market today that will suit your needs, including Commercial CCTV Installation, which offers support for small businesses, or Residential CCTV Installation, which is great for homeowners. Video surveillance is a great way to document when and where instances of theft occur. When you report thefts, it’s important to provide your video evidence so that you can prove that the crime did indeed happen. 


2) A Strong Door Is Your Best Defence

A strong door with a solid frame is your first line of defense against thieves breaking in. If you’re worried about intruders, consider investing in secure doors that feature deadbolts. Deadbolts are made up of an interior lock that’s operated by rotating the knob clockwise to secure it and turning counter-clockwise to unlock. Strong doors can be made of metal, which is a great deterrent for robbers because it’s impossible to shatter with force. 


3) Invest In Alarms

An alarm system will prevent burglars from breaking in and stealing your belongings.  They’re a great way to keep your assets protected because they notify you immediately whenever an intruder enters your home. You can install alarms on doors and windows for increased protection. For example, if you have a door alarm when an intruder tries to force their way in, you’ll receive a notification on your phone so that you can call the authorities and report the incident immediately.  Alarms let you know when there’s a robber in your home, and they also serve as deterrents to criminals. If they hear the alarm go off, potential intruders will think twice before trying to break in because it can make them easier targets for police or passersby. 


4) Keep Your Belongings Locked Up

Of course, the best way to keep your belongings protected is to make sure they’re locked up whenever you aren’t around. You should always lock up expensive assets like jewelry and money savings, especially if you’re leaving them at home.  Having a safe is a great way to keep your most valuable possessions stored and protected. Safes can be hidden inside wardrobes or cupboards, and they’re available in many sizes depending on your needs. You can put a unique password on your safe so that you can access it anytime you want. When you put all of your belongings in one place, it’s easier to make sure that nothing is missing when you return home.


5) Get A Dog

Dogs are great security measures because they provide protection for your home and possessions.  They will bark loudly when an intruder is present, which can scare them away or alert nearby people so that they get help. Several breeds, like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Huskies, and Bulldogs are all excellent at warding off robbers because of their intimidating size. If you want to be proactive about self-protection, buying a dog for your home is the best way to keep burglars away. If you get a dog for this purpose,  you’ll have to train them to avoid accidentally harming guests or family members when they enter the house. If you’re not sure how to do it by yourself, you can hire a dog trainer to ensure your pet is adequately obedient.


6) Keep Your Money In A Bank

Having cash inside your house or office isn’t really a good idea because it’s easy to steal. If you keep your money inside of a bank, you won’t have to worry about robbers trying to kidnap or harm you for that cash on hand. By making regular deposits, your money will be safe inside a bank. It is really unlikely that thieves will be able to break into a bank’s safety deposit box. So if you’re worried that your money can be stolen, transfer that cash into digits on your bank account. You can make more money by putting it in a bank and letting it gain interest. You can even contact your financial consultant about buying into the stock market so that you can invest your money in a more efficient way. 

It’s important to be vigilant and take security measures to protect your assets. Whether you’re staying at home or leaving for an extended period of time, there are a variety of simple tips that can help keep your belongings safe from burglars. You should always lock up valuables and invest in alarms so that they notify the police if intruders try to break into your space. There are also some additional things you can do like getting a dog for protection, making sure all cash is stored safely inside a bank account, or in a safe. If you want to go a step further, you can even install video surveillance so that you can monitor what’s going on outside when you’re away. These tips will help you keep your assets protected so that you don’t have to worry about theft.