How you fashion your personal space is a reflection of you as a person. In this sense, if you genuinely want to creatively express yourself and demand your aesthetic desires to be satisfied, renovating your condominium is a must. While there may be no real end to the number of design movements that you choose from, one of the most versatile and go-to options today is the contemporary rustic design.

Generally, the term rustic can be considered as a catch-all label for aesthetic styles that capitalizes on the use of earthy colors, subdued hues, and organic elements. History states that it has been around since the 19th century and has been continuously refined throughout the years. And as we shift focus to the present, a significant number of homeowners and business offices are considering leveling up the look of their spaces by marrying off the modern industrial elements and timeless rustic pieces.

What makes this design a solid choice is that it allows one to provide the living space with organic warmth by emphasizing all things natural. To unlock the informal elegance of rustic living, designers usually recommend adding accent pieces made of natural unfinished stones, rattan chairs, and reclaimed exotic woods.


The Best Rustic Flooring Trends For Your Condo

Aside from affixing dark timber, stone walls, wooden beams, and exposed brick walls, another way to pull the room together is by investing in floor designs.  Basically, the flooring materials are an important part of any space, and picking the wrong one can create unnecessary noise in your interiors. To make sure that your home will actually look nature-centered, swoon over our list of seven top of the line floor designs that will complete your rustic ensemble.


  1. Muted wood panels

The basic way to add character to your space is by installing practical and hard-wearing wood flooring. Depending on the area, you can choose to add wood panels varnished with white or grey color to make small spaces look bigger. At the same time, your home can don honey-toned or dark wood panels for a more traditional and professional look.

However, please note that not all condominiums allow tenants to do flooring renovations. To save you time and money, we highly advise you to review the association’s guidelines from your contractor. On the other hand, if you are still in the process of exploring units that are already artfully designed for contemporary rustic themes, you can see this page for more information on interesting yet classy design variety. 


  1. Tiles and pebble stones

The use of natural stones is a huge part of modern architecture and the interior due to their relaxing attributes. The unbeatable combination of muted-toned tiles and rugged stones allow homeowners to bring nature inside the living space. By using the popular natural pebbles or river rocks with unmatched earthy shades, distinct sizes, and finish, you can create a perfectly uniform rustic vibe in areas like the bathroom, powder room, or balcony.


  1. Plank floors

Usually made from rough-hewn wood, plank flooring materials can be considered as the most classic touch that any rustic themed homes are usually drawn to. It looks rugged and grounded but its unique texture can instantly add warmth to living spaces with high traffic.

At present, there are modern vinyl tiles that are masterfully designed to imitate the look of traditional plank floors. Aside from being a stylish option, vinyl planks are recommended due to their affordability, amazing durability, as well as its water-resistant coating. See this website to get inspiration on how it looks on modern units.


  1. Wood mix

Want to establish more depth and character in your living space? Mixing different types of wood can give you the wow element that you are looking for. As your design contractor can tell you, woods have different patterns and statements which is why combining them with the right ones is important.

To avoid creating chaotic patterns on the floor, you can do simple design styles like pairing solid woods together for a uniform look, alternating between light and dark tones for depth, and choosing wood materials that are on an analogous color scheme. 


  1. Rough tile floors

If you are looking to add a dash of elegance to your bathroom, porches, or balconies, leveling up your flooring with textured tiles is the way to go.  The charm in this rustic floor option is that it is a perfect choice for slippery areas of the house since it has some type of texture that is not as smooth or polished as what you can feel from regular tile types. Additionally, homeowners love this since it is at a pocket-friendly price and easy to maintain.


  1. Pine flooring

Ready to embrace the country cabin look? The rustic theme is not only boxed on colors like reds, greys, and browns. In fact, this theme also capitalizes on the use of inviting colors such as deep or golden yellows that can instantly make any room look bright and tidy. Aside from the unique appearance of pine flooring, it is one of the most recommended materials today due to its durability, affordability, and flexibility. Unlike other flooring designs, you can experiment with the varnish to use according to your tastes.  


  1. Tigerwood flooring

For homeowners looking to dazzle and make bold statements, adding tigerwood flooring on specific areas of the condominium is a fantastic option. Unlike other rustic themed floorings, this one can instantly make any space pop with its natural reddish-brown and orange streaks. While it is certainly eye-catching and dramatic, please note that it does not go well with certain furniture. In this sense, you have to plan exactly how you want your space to look first.


Complement your room with the right type of flooring design

Channel your inner artist by envisioning how rustic you want your special place to be. Whether you want to make simple accent tiles through natural stones and pebbles or you want to go all out with wooden flooring materials, having a solid picture in mind is the best way to achieve success in your interiors. For more inspiration on trending styles and home innovations, check out the latest issues of Build.