Planning to pour the perfect pint in your own back garden

From the humble shed at the bottom of your garden to your very own pub. More and more people are discovering what entertainment they can bring to their back gardens and creating their own emporiums from a small bottle bar to grander establishments with running draught and pool tables.

With pints now averaging over £4 across the nation, many are looking to their own homes to bring people together– and with the World Cup approaching, when better to install a home pub shed than now?

With comfort and convenience at hand, it is no wonder the pub shed is so popular, with more than two million currently in the UK.

Here, we will explore some things you need to consider when purchasing a pub shed for your home.


Choosing a pub shed

Making sure you choose the best shed to house your pub depends on your needs. Knowing and understanding the purpose of your pub shed can mean different things.

Perhaps you are looking for a small build which opens into an outdoor bar, with enough room for you, as bartender, on the inside and space out front for guests.

Or perhaps you would rather have a grander area filled with a bar, pool table, dart board and more. Whatever you are looking for, making sure you find a shed with the right size and materials for what you want to accomplish is key.

Depending on the permanence of your pub shed, and whether you are wanting to build your pub shed alone or hire someone to do it, you might consider different materials.

Wood is the easiest when it comes to construction and is also a good regulator of temperature, making it perfect for hosting guests no matter the time of year. However, wood will need regular treatment and maintenance to ensure its upkeep and is the best option for those looking for a permanent pub in their back garden.

Plastic and metal might be best for temporary measures. They cannot insulate heat but tend to be maintenance free and more budget friendly in the long run than wood.


Placement is crucial

Another thing to consider when purchasing a pub shed is the space available. Knowing where you want to place the shed and ensuring the foundations are strong enough to support it, is vital. Your garden must be level where you want the shed to be, and free from the risk of flooding.

It is always worth considering your neighbours in the decision and discussing their opinions on the build. If you think the noise will be loud, you could move the shed further away to reduce any complaints from neighbours. Also, if you could block sunlight or views from your neighbour’s garden with your structure, it is best to discuss this with them beforehand.

You will also want to consider this for your own house, as you don’t want to be cutting valuable sunlight by placing your shed in the wrong position or upsetting those you live with.


Comfort and kegs

Now you have the shed chosen and the designs laid out, you need to consider what is going inside. To truly make a shed a pub, you will need to consider the three Fs: furniture, furnishings, and froth. What is a pub without its trusty draught selection? Considering purchasing gas bottles to get your bar started and your beer pumped from keg to pint.

Making sure you can keep your guests warm during the winter months and cool during the summer is vital. Think about your heating options and insulation. Whether you are looking for a rustic pub fireplace or space heaters, making sure your shed pub is comfortable and safe is key to a good time. How about electric socket options and lighting to provide a more comfortable, authentic pub experience?

Whether you want a mini bar which opens into an outdoor seating area, or an entirely indoor area fitted with pub-perfect booths and carpet, choosing a pub shed which suits you involves considering not only materials, but placement, interior design, and your neighbours. Planning can lead to you pouring the perfect pint in your own back garden.