Schneider Construction Services are a family owned, full service general contracting firm, specialising in residential remodel, additions, design-build and historic restoration. We got in touch with Brad Schneider, Construction Manager at Schneider Construction Services, to find out more about their company and how they accomplish being a small company that produces big results.

The Schneider Family is deeply rooted in the construction industry. My great grandfather Leo owned a millwright operation, where he provided materials for the building trades and my grandfather Melvin was a carpenter in the service where he continued to build when he returned. In 1988 my parents Vicki & Mike started V. Schneider Enterprises LTD, DBA Schneider Construction Services.

As the market in our area has fluctuated over the years, we have branched out into the remodeling industry. This has required us to develop a new level of expertise which addresses the details that remodeling requires compared to completely new construction.

This involves having an acute awareness of the existing conditions of the home being remodeled, our demolition processes, building professional relationships with remodelling designers and mobilizing in many different areas at any given time. The relationship with the homeowners is a bit different as well, as the owners already have a vested and emotional attachment to the home verses the anticipation of a new build.

Since our inception, what has been fundamental to our success is the level of attention to detail we give to each and every project. Ultimately, homeowners not only have a vested interest in their home, but also have an emotional attachment and offering the homeowner fastidious attention to detail gives them assurances that their wants and needs are being met. As such, our project management protocol is geared towards an organized approach to making sure those details that are important to the client are always in mind.

Perhaps our biggest selling point is that we are a small firm offering big results. Because of our size, each client gets to know each of our staff members personally. Clients appreciate knowing who will be on their projects daily and our staff hand selects its subcontractors based on the individual needs of each client.

Furthermore, we have the flexibility to systematically adjust our approach to each portion of a project so the client’s priorities are our priorities. It is not unusual for us to be called in on projects that were started by other contractors and abandoned, left incomplete or not finished to the satisfaction of the client. At our firm, we have the experience and resources to bring a higher level of professional service to our projects than most companies our size.

Providing a high quality service is something we take tremendous pride in and, from our experience, the best way to grow and develop your business is through doing just that. While we do not write literature or speak at industry conferences, our knowledge and experience in this industry is generally spread by word of mouth. As a result, referrals are our largest means of obtaining new clientele.

When looking at our projects to date, there are a number of examples of our work that demonstrate the detailed work that we do. Most notably, this would have to be our full house renovation and room addition in the city of Ladue which is nearing completion. The client came to us after her initial contractor was unable to fulfil his obligations, and there were several facets of the original work that required replacement or repair. The homeowner was, needless to say, a bit sceptical of anyone in the industry.

After walking through the project and listening to the homeowner’s vision for the home, we were able to assure them that we could take that vision and make it tangible. The finished product ended up exceeding the homeowner’s expectations and they have fallen in love with their home once again. We learned that good listening skills are paramount to a successful outcome. From our experience, you can only envision someone else’s dream, if you allow them to share that dream with you.

Maintaining the high standards, we set for ourselves is an ongoing process, and we are constantly adapting to any emerging trends or developments that are occurring in our industry. We pay particular attention to what is trending in our industry regarding smart design and technological advances in building practices. For instance, in such an energy conscious society, we have begun instituting ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Green Building’ best practices in the planning of all of our projects where this applies. Our suggestions have been well received and have led to some very satisfying results for our clients.

In the U.S., the overall economy is recovering, but more and more homeowners are staying in the same place. Along with the aging generation, ‘aging in place’ additions and remodels have increased. In addition, the lack of available land in our area has led to the ever increasing tear-down and rebuild. Having focused on the custom home build in the early years, these changes have led Schneider Construction Services more and more into the remodel industry.

Although this was a switching of gears, this new niche was an easy transition which has led to increased revenue. We have found that the differences in remodel projects have dove-tailed well with our already strong emphasis on attention to detail. Now we make a conscientious effort to manage that facet of our business model even more carefully. We have seen a very positive response from our clientele, even though this requires more time on our part.

Looking towards the latter half of 2016 and beyond, we are very optimistic about our future. Each year over the past three years our gross sales have increased over 50% from the prior year. We attribute this to an ever-growing base of satisfied clients who continually refer us to their family, friends and business associates. We see a burgeoning marketplace that is steadily strengthening. Ultimately, we see more and more consumer confidence and feel the industry is in for a positive period of growth and expansion.

Company: Schneider Construction Services

Name: Brad Schneider

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Web Address: www.builtbyschneider.com

Address: 429 N. Main, O’Fallon, MO 63366

Telephone: 636-240-0930