Established in 2006, Certass Limited is a UKAS approved Certification Body providing certification for installation companies working in the RMI (repair, maintenance, improvement) construction section, for both domestic and non-domestic properties. We invited Jason Clemmit to provide us with an insight into the firm and how it diversifies itself in such a competitive industry.

Certass operates a number of certification schemes under its own accreditation as well as operating schemes that are under Government license, acting as a specialist in building fabric refurbishment for the RMI sector.

Certification is the provision by an independent body of written assurance (a certificate) that the product, service or system being assessed meets specific requirements. This can be a useful tool which adds credibility to the business demonstrating that their certified product or service meets the expectations of the certified company’s customers, meets regulatory requirements or industry’s best practice.’

Broadly speaking, I have been working and teaching in the RMI sector for the best part of 25 years and find the exchange of information-sharing invaluable to all involved. Throughout this time I have written presentations, guidance notes, technical manuals, teaching courses, industry specific qualifications and submitted documentation for Government review. Within the last few years, there have been many changes and challenges affecting Certification Body licence requirements and Building Regulation amendments that has necessitated our industry at wide to better communicate the challenges faced by all and minimise their impact. I haveparticipated in Government working parties, workshops and forums to ensure that we as an industry are better equipped to deliver a service benefitting all. I arrange the Certass auditor training days which are often hosted by UK leading systems companies and fabricators thus providing an environment where learning opportunities are combined and maximised for all involved, this is a great way for everyone to share what they know with each other and ensures no aspect of our industry is out of touch, from the manufacturer / supplier / installer relationship right along the chain to the homeowner.

Our approach at Certass has always been to ensure that we are delivering a fair, friendly and cost effective service to both the industry and consumers. We don’t use a ‘dry’ tick box approach like a lot of other certification bodies, as this can be really limiting. All our auditors are highly technically competent and the assessment process is a two way communicative process.

The three Government license certification schemes we provide are:

• A Competent Person Scheme, licensed by DCLG (Department of Communities and Local Government)

• A PAS2030 scheme for Energy Efficient measure installations, licensed by DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change) suitable for ECO funded work

• A Quality assurance scheme, Trust- Mark suitable for tradesmen working in the domestic RMI sector. Trust- Mark licensed by BIS (Department for Business, Innovation & Skills)

Alongside our Government licensed certification schemes, we also offer our own range of certifications which are designed to meet specific industry needs. At Certass we decided to develop and provide our own skills assessment for site operatives registered with our certification schemes and where a formal qualification was not in place, we would carry out a technical competence assessment.

Upon a successful assessment, Certass then issue a free competence skills card for all assessed site operatives, this is a photo ID card which has a link back to our website where a consumer can independently verify that the skills card shown is genuine.

Through our own certification schemes, we also offer an exhaustive range of certifications for installation trades including glaziers’ repairs and new installations; roofline products and roofers; general builders and joiners; tiler; kitchen fitters; and fence installers, among others.

Whilst there are many established Certification Bodies, some much larger than us competing in the same sector, what sets Certass apart is its entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to always look at different ways to deliver an innovative quality service to our customers.

Simply put, we are an enthusiastic group of decent people who really do take pride in offering a good service at a really great value price. I believe that the key to our success is that key people within the Certass certification process are drawn from industry and therefore, they understand what our customers want. It is this grounding at Certass that lends its common sense approach so well to all the things we do at Certass.

Ultimately, as a client led business our aim will always be to develop common sense solutions that are industry relevant and develop products that have been demanded by our industry whilst retaining our established reputation as the industry’s quality brand. The star of our strategies is our staff, as through them we have developed an innovative culture which is all underpinned by the people within our company being genuine people who really do want to deliver a great service. This is complimented by investments in both our IT platforms and the technical knowledge we have acquired since inception, all of which ensures our clients receive the best possible service, and moving forward we will continue to build upon this and offer as many certification opportunities demanded across various sectors within the construction industry as possible

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