Sutainability, Productivity and Profits Massively Benefit from Product Recovery Technology.

HPS Product Recovery Solutions has just released a new case study on homecare liquid manufacture.

Focussing on a highly successful US company that makes dishwasher fluid, the case study clearly demonstrates how product recovery using ‘pigging’ reduces waste, increases efficiency, improves profits and helps environmental sustainability.

Case studies are a quick, convenient and reliable way of finding out how industrial systems work in practice. The new HPS case study contains detailed information about liquid product recovery. By reading the case study, anyone interested in pipeline pigging technology will gain a good understanding of the subject and the benefits it delivers.

A wide variety of industries use pigging systems. These range from soft drink production to wine, soups to pet food, shampoo to perfume and paint to motor oil. Pigging is one of the most effective ways companies that process liquids or wet product can minimise waste. It also lowers use of water and cleaning fluids and cuts down on other resources.

Pigging delivers major benefits to companies aiming to their improve environmental sustainability. It also speeds up processing and improves productivity. This increases efficiency and profitability.

The new HPS case study looks at pigging systems recently implemented at KIK Custom Products.

KIK Custom Products is a leading manufacturer of homecare, personal care and pharmaceutical products. HPS designed, supplied and commissioned two fully-automated, custom-designed single-pig systems for the company.

As a forward looking business, KIK Custom Products is committed to continuous investment in its sites, equipment and systems. It works to extremely high levels of operational efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. Their new pigging systems raise these levels even further.

Pigging saves KIK Custom Products a significant amount of product per batch run. Rather than disposing of it, the company now saves nearly all the residual liquid left in its process pipelines. Before investing in pigging, they would have sent this product to waste.

Pipeline pigging has many benefits. It delivers high return on investment (ROI) and rapid payback (usually just a few months). Using the new systems, KIK Custom Products is saving thousands of dollars. What’s more, pigging also reduces the need to flush between batches. This makes changeovers much faster. So, HPS’s technology is also saving the company time and labour.