In this blog, we outline four things to consider before moving into your new luxury home. These include determining a floor plan, notifying utilities and internet providers of the move, and conducting a complete walkthrough and inspection of the new home.

A luxurious home is the image of extravagance and allows you to live that lavish lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Yet, no matter what type of home you move into, there are certain things to consider before doing so. Many homeowners believe that simply unpacking is the only task necessary before settling in, however, it’s important to get acquainted with your new house so that you can begin to feel comfortable in it.

Getting acquainted requires you to take the time to learn how your new home functions and how you can make it best work for you. Here are some tips on what to consider when moving into your new, luxury home.


1. Complete a walkthrough

Before moving in your belongings, do a complete walkthrough of your new house. Doing so allows you to get a better idea of floor space while also performing final checks on any repairs you requested from previous owners. While conducting a walkthrough, ensure that anything included in the sales price is present in the house. Inspect all items to ensure they’re functioning properly – extend your inspection to include light switches, outlets, doors, windows, and other fixtures. Although you’re likely to clean the home again before moving in furniture, use this initial examination to determine whether the home is free from all debris, dirt and mould.

If you find an issue with the home that violates the sale contract, be sure to get in touch with your realtor immediately. They can inform you of the recourse for the situation and advise you on issues not covered in the contract.


2. Set up internet and utilities

For those moving houses, Sky and other providers offer broadband deals that may work better for your new location. For instance, those moving into a larger home may opt for fibre broadband deals to benefit from faster internet speeds. Be sure to browse internet deals before determining whether sticking with your current plan is the better option.

Take the time to arrange the transference of utilities before moving into your new home. Verify that your gas, electric, heating and cooling, and water are set up on the day of your move to avoid problems once you get there. You must give utility providers at least 48 hours notice before moving. Some may ask you to provide them with a metre reading before leaving your old home. For more advice on dealing with your energy supply when moving home, visit Citizens Advice here.


3. Determine floor plan

You’ll probably already have an idea of how you want to arrange furniture in your new home, but now is the time to think about the logistics of it. Making a furniture floor plan allows you to move quicker and more easily. At the very least, ensure you know what’s going on in what room.


4. Change locks

Changing the locks on your new home gives you peace of mind that it’s safe and secure. Schedule a locksmith to come by or perform a lock change yourself where knowledgeable. Make sure you re-key all doors and windows leading between the exterior and interior.


For more tips on moving home, contact Switch Plan today.